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    Originally posted by broncozone View Post
    McD hasn't opened up complete playbook yet. He is playing conservative and hence more running plays because QB and others is in his first year in system. The same approach he took with Cassell.

    I think there is no star player in this system and everyone gets chance to make plays. The same system he ran before Moss/Welker era and they reached to AFC championship in 2006.
    Except McD had nothing to do with the pats offense prior to Moss and Welker being there.


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      Originally posted by KO8pectate View Post
      The Pats have the 12th best rushing attack and last year they had the 6th best . The scheme is not different we just havent been able to run the ball when we have needed to .
      The overall scheme isn't different...but the week to week gameplans certainly are.


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        Originally posted by Combo1985 View Post
        moss isnt exactly a star anymore. hes old and washed up. welker is out for playoffs. will be interesting to see what brady tries to do.
        Dont kid yourself, it is Brady and Moss that make the patriot offense what it is, not Welker.


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          Originally posted by Some_Anchovies View Post
          The Fan's who aren't patient and want to fire people after 1 year of play are the same people who thought Shannahan needed to be fired after 1 year, and wanted Elway to either be traded in his early years or retire early.

          Does anyone else remember how Elway was in his 15th season before he won the big one? I certainly do.

          The questionable play calls McD called were to see what would happen under those situations, and to see what the team would do. This first year was a great opportunity to try crazy things out to see what your team can and cannot do. It was an experimental year. How do you know how well a car will handle if you don't take it for a test drive first? It gives you so much more to work with the 2nd year if you take the rebuild year to see what you have to work with.

          Now I'm not crazy against Josh just yet, but I can't say any crap about him till he proves to me in his 2nd season that all that testing will be analyzed and then perfected. Even analyzing himself. I don't know about all the details, but that Marshall Scheffler thing was really odd.
          Not true. With Elway in his early years, the potential was there for all to see. Same with Shanahan after his first year with us, the record was 8-8 yes, but the team overall had improved considerably in a lot of areas over the Phillips team of the year before.

          With McD, there really hasn't been much improvement, except for the defense. And that credit, belongs to Nolan far more than it does McD. The things McD handles personally, actually regressed and and nosedived in performance. Therein. lies the reason he catches so much flak.


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            Like anyone has to ask, this is weird, did u watch any games this year? #15


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              who said marshall will be traded?

              The broncos and marshall had a little spat at the end of the season other than that the broncos and marshall were great through out the season...

              Besided Marshall wouldn't have played anyways vs. Kansas City regardless if he was benched or not...

              Im sure the broncos will offer him a lucrative contract and he will shut his mouth and sign the dotted line and play thats it...

              man everyone and there mom thinks brandon marshall is done as a Denver Broncos and you all believe it because some guy offered his oppinion on the situation and everyone else took it and buys into it

              Brandon Marshall cleans out his locker but what football player doesn't after the season ends? lol

              they wont be back for months anyways

              I think it was marshalls way of trying to stir up some urgency to get a deal done for him...

              regardless the broncos will be in the playoffs with or without Marshall

              preferrably with

              because I need him when I play Madden...HE IS MY OFFENSE! lol


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                Mike Nolan

                Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
                Yeah kinda like how he's too illogical to switch to a 3-4 and then bring in key free agents at every position and then the best available 3-4 DC to improve our D to top 10 by seasons end. Man I wish he'd do that.
                Hes a good DC.


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                  Peyton Hillis, and as much as I hate to say it Brandon Marshall. Josh just doesn't know Hillis is a beast yet because he runs the ball up the middle all the time. :p Hillis Moreno 2010 for running back!!! XD

                  "Maybe if he had an iron suit or a magic hammer...."