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Champ ('06) v Woodson ('09) & Taylor-Elvis comparison

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    I agree with the post above me, but I think Woodson is a great DB while Champ was just unreal at CB and continues to be top the better CB I think has to go to Champ

    and what I mean by that is great CB's are known for shutting down any WR even the great ones.....While Champ does that TIME and TIME again....Woodson has gotten beat PLENTY times, for instance Champ never lets up TD's only one this year, which was on a screen route in PITT when the game was over and it was the slot WR anyway, so I don't see how it was a coverage td by Champ but anyhow, Woodson let up 5 and has gotten beat many times by the great WR's, butttt he does makeup for it by always gettin picks and imo most impressively getting Bailey's ability to take any WR we want out of the game BY HIMSELF, letting the safety rome somewhere else or blitz, is what IMO makes him the better Cornerback