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    Originally posted by kylehyden View Post
    confirmed 1/53 of 53 man roster like the coach. Make sure everyone knows this
    Thing is, no starting player is going to go on national tv and say his coach sucks.


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      Originally posted by PowderAddict View Post
      Too bad he's an obvious lier, I mean there's no way he can like the coach, OR the direction of the team.

      He's probably afraid McDaniels will call him into his office and fight him.
      No one called him a liar, sheesh.

      It's just been said, and rightly so, that players (at least smart ones) just aren't going to trash their coach on national tv. No one said he lied. Only that he gave the only real answer he could to the question. He may very well mean every word. He may have just been playing nice. No way for any of us to know, is there?


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        Originally posted by 22Bernard24 View Post
        What else IS he supposed to say?...

        He may actually believe what he says, he may not.

        We don't know. We likely never will as Clady is smart enough to be Politcally correct about it.

        Personally, if I had to guess I would ASSUME that he doesn't like where the team is going(at least the linemen portion) as he is more of a ZBS Olinemen drafted for the scheme, and Josh is implementing a scheme is he not as well suited for(or the rest of our Oline for that matter) in the PBS which is for bigger linemen.

        Not hating just giving my opinion on what hes likely really thinking.
        You're "hating" because you think for yourself. Instead of wearing tutus and waving pom poms while passing out the latest McD hype with a permanent grin of ecstasy in being allowed to serve His cause.


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          Originally posted by Pratama View Post
          I agree with you here. . . it just gets flat out ridiculous so that if anyone says anything positive about McD the response is always going to be "well they had to say that, what else would they say?" Therefore, the only time we can believe someone is when they trash McD. Then they are telling the truth - - even if they have a vested interest like getting a gazillion dollars and a new contract.
          When was the last time you saw a star player, publicly say his coach sucks?


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            Originally posted by lolcopter View Post
            lol, pretty much word for word

            jamie dukes looks like a dwarf next to clady
            It's amazing that anyone can make JD look like a dwarf... there, I said it.
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