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    Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
    Can you imagine McDaniels yelling at Pees? "Come on, we are trying to win a MF game!!!! Do your job!!!" - and suddenly the old man collapses during the game? If it's Martidale, so be it. I just hope we can keep the same coordinator for more than 1 season.
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      does anybody know if martindale would run more of an attacking 3-4 like nolan or a conservative 3-4 like pees?
      Go Broncos!!!:thumb:


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        If Pees doesn't get the J-O-B... I'll be eating some CROW....

        I thought it made sense, now reading what the defensive players have said about "Wink" I know they will respect him...

        Plus he's 46...Josh 33..WOW, we probley have the youngest coaching staff in the NFL...

        I just hope when our Defense becomes top 5 next year he doesn't bolt for a HC job...

        That would make 6 seasons...6 DC's...
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          This is a step in the right direction. Nolan taught the defense a lot of the things they needed to figure out and then retain. Now we just need to retain the knowledge Nolan brought to Denver.

          The fundamentals are all there at last, but let's see what Martindale can bring to the table. I like this choice. I like Studesville. I like where this team is headed.

          I don't know if McDaniels is responsible for any of the hirings and firings specifically, but the organization as a whole is making good things happen, even without Nolan.
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            Source: Pees has something else lined up
            Posted by Mike Florio on January 23, 2010 2:10 PM ET
            So why are the Broncos suddenly in line to hire Wink Martindale's kid brother to run the defense in Denver?

            Per a league source, top choice Dean Pees has agreed to coach elsewhere. Pees most recently served as defensive coordinator in New England.

            We don't know where Pees will land, but we're working on it. Our source is being a little difficult.


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              Originally posted by thenewera44 View Post
              He doesnt think it is an up grade cause Mcdaniels listened to offers for Cutler last year about this time.

              His sig pretty much explains the extent to which they will allow themselves to think.

              It doesnt matter about the 26 ints and low rating of Cutler this year.

              It was his talent that surrounded him. Of course, he did great against Minnesota and in his last 2 games.

              Makes you wonder if they all of a sudden got good talent the last 2 games of the season. I mean if he was able to have a great 2 games with the same talent he had all year, then what was the excuse for the 26 picks again?

              How about the 18 pciks last year (5 in the red zone?) Oh, irrelevant. The defense here was horrible and that was why.

              I bring it up....again, cause that is the extensive explanantion as to why he and posters like Pure Vida....just cant bring themselves to see anything with any potenital with this coach and any of his hirings or signings.

              Oh - I know. . . I just wanted to challeng him to explain what he meant, because its pretty safe to assume he's just flaming. I think its interesting that he still hasnt chosen to answer the question.
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                Originally posted by jhildebrand View Post
                You don't think McD reached out to Pees and offered him the position at least informally or gauged his interest?

                I think that bodes well for the D as a whole.

                What are the issues? I keep hearing that but haven't seen anything specifically mentioned.
                He was also rushed to the hospital in Week 17 with shortness of breath or something like that. . . its in one of the other threads.
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                  Originally posted by jhildebrand View Post
                  Interesting that Pees isn't coming to Denver. There is a report he has something lined up elsewhere.

                  It makes you wonder if he was offered the position here and turned it down. If so, you would think that would be a ringing indictment of sorts against McDaniels.

                  As for Martindale, I like his youth and the fact the players respect him. I remember when people questioned Coyer at the time. This reminds me a bit of that move. Like Rav said, let's see if he is allowed to "do his job" or if he is a yes man for McDaniels.

                  It doesnt make me wonder that at all. . .

                  Given the fact that Pees was mentioned as the front runner (by the press and unnamed "sources", but not the front office) and then Martindale was brought into the mix, interviewed and then named the DC (before info surfaced from an unnamed source on Pees getting a new gig "somewhere"), would actually suggest (from how the series of events played out) that McD was impressed with Martindale, and just made his decision.
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                    Originally posted by broncolee View Post
                    Employees should never have any input in choosing their boss.

                    It is a good way to maintain consistency though as long as he is qualified and there's no reason to believe he isn't so I'm happy that the coaching staff is rounding out.
                    In most cases I would agree, but I think its a little different in the NFL and especially the Broncos in the midsts of all the change. (This next comment is general and isn't directed at you) - Its weird that McD is labeled as a control freak and a little Napoleon, but this is an instance where he is considering a new DC and may hire him based on the suggestion of his players.
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                      I think Martindale getting the job would be a good thing. From what I have heard, the players really respect him and there would be some continuity from last year's coaching staff. Also, to clear up some of that controversy that came up about McD and Nolan, here is an article I found on for those of you that haven't read it:


                      Jason La Canfora
                      Broncos busy filling out coaching staff

                      Posted: January 23rd, 2010 | Jason La Canfora | Tags: Denver Broncos, Josh McDaniels

                      The Broncos have solidified their offensive coaching staff for 2010, according to a team source.

                      The Broncos hired Clarence Barone to coach the offensive line, and Bob Wylie is the assistant O-line coach. Bob Ligashesky is the tight ends coach, Eric Studesville is the running backs coach, and Ben McDaniels will coach the team’s quarterbacks. Mike McCoy, who also coached the QBs in 2009, remains the offensive coordinator.

                      Barone was on staff in 2009 and moved from tutoring tight ends to the O-line, where he previously coached with the Falcons. Ben McDaniels, younger brother of head coach Josh McDaniels, was on Denver’s staff in 2009 as an offensive assistant.

                      The Broncos are still looking for a defensive coordinator, and former Patriots assistant Dean Pees is an early favorite. But Pees, who was with Josh McDaniels in New England, has other options. If the Broncos end up promoting from within — which wasn’t their original expectation — linebackers coach Don Martindale is a favorite.

                      Also, contrary to a published report, McDaniels and former defensive coordinator Mike Nolan — now with the Dolphins — didn’t clash over how much the team should be blitzing, and the Broncos have no trepidation about continuing to run an aggressive scheme.

                      UPDATE: The Broncos confirmed these coaching hires and moves later Saturday.


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                        Originally posted by Dakotabroncofan View Post
                        I really do not know how to feel.Yes it is good he is getting a shot.Having a guy who has worked with the players is good.But after losing Nolan i just cant seem to get pumped up with this selection.
                        Well, how about this? He knows our defense from last year, what worked and what didn't. He wants an aggressive, no-holds-barred style similar to what McD wants and Nolan ran. He has the confidence of the players and knows his stuff.

                        And remember, when we got Coyer, we promoted him from within, where he was the linebacker's coach, and he's revamped the Colts defense this year and is helping to take them to the Super Bowl in spite of their losing Sanders, which in the past signaled a severe drop-off in their rush defense.

                        I say, let's see what happens.
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