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What do you think our record will be in 2010?

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  • 7-9, trying to be a bit realistic! Hopefully 11-5.


    • The McD/Orton fan club obviously took the poll....but I put 4-12. Not to be another "I told ya so." but it is....and I will add this b/c I haven't been wrong about much since the cutler fiasco....

      With Orton we will never reach anything above mediocrity and approaching that might be his highest goal after goal #1 of being the starting QB.

      One down - McD one to go... #8

      Originally posted by since1977 View Post at this point can people put better than 8-8? Over the last stretch were without a doubt the WORST team in the AFC West. 2-8 over the final ten and losing to OAK and KC.

      How have we improved? Losing MORE offensive players and possibly Marshal. We know the great chemistry Royal has w/Orton and McD.

      It's a joke that McD has accomplished nothing but carries on as if he knows how to win SuperBowls and lead a team even though he's NEVER done it and has failed so far. How some people blindly follow him is beyond me. The players don't like him and won't play.
      John and TD should get their own wing in Canton.