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    Bumping this thread because things are gettin' a little hairy around here the last couple of days, but there are still alot of good posters, thoughts and threads that we can all appreciate! Don't forget to acknowledge the posters you enjoy, that way we can keep the good ones around.....

    Let's not forget why we are here! THE BRONCOS BABY!

    Give love to your fellow Broncomaniacs when it's warrented....Like CAN said, you can't take 'em with ya!


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      Originally posted by 4th Amigo View Post
      I just wanted to take a minute to remind everyone to make sure to thank your fellow posters when they post something you like or agree with. The CP system is a great way for you to show people on this board that you appreciate their well thought out words!

      Besides......we could use a little "spread the love" around here these days. Remember guys, the reason we are all on this message board is because we love the DENVER BRONCOS baby! So we all share that common bond, so take it easy on people you don't agree with, and make sure and thank the ones you do!

      Have you given your CP today?
      Great reminder here, I seriously think the CP function is underused.


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        Alright's been gettin' a little U-G-L-Y in here lately, so I wanted to bump this to remind everyone that we are ALL here to support our team, and we all have a common interest.....we need to show the people that work to have constructive and well thought out thoughts and arguments on these boards that we appreciate them and that they should stick around.....because this place can get pretty lousy when there is nothing but trolls and rage-mongers hanging out and posting. It is easy verbally vomit on the internet, but it takes rational thought and reasoning to be a contributor. There are many places that Bronco fans can go to post about this team, so we need to do what we can to keep the good posters' posting here......

        The best way to show your appreciation is by giving people CP when you like, agree, or appreciate their post or line of reasoning. This doesn't mean that you necessarily have to agree with them, just that you appreciate the approach or the manner in which an argument is presented. Every member of these boards gets a certain # of CP's that they can give out each day, and I encorage everyone to use them, show the good posters' of this board that you like what they have to say and want them to keep saying it here, at the Broncos Country Message Boards.....

        Ok, stepping off my soapbox now......


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          I agree.. I posted pics of my sons new Bronco room, and had over a 1,000 views last time I checked, and had 6-7 people CP me. Kinda of disappointed but not the reason I did the room, just wanted to share it with my fellow Bronco Brothers. If you can't get a Cp for turning a whole room into a Bronoco room, then I dunno what you have to do lol. Thanks to the guys that took time to Cp me!