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    Originally posted by rcsodak
    Again, you're not getting paid millions to play - - - - HURT!!!!

    oh ok so now players cant get hurt...its football people get hurt i can understand a few mimor injuries ...i played a little high school foot ball i know how it feels to have bruised ribs .......much less then a broken finger
    The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
    While he sits by his hearth at home.
    Quickly finds when questioned by others .
    That he knows nothing at all.


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      Re: Guys!

      Originally posted by PAINTERDAVE
      Q or Bell or Hearst or Sapp, it is all the same. Broncs got no big power backs. Now is the time for Shanny to show his mastermind abilities, and game plan, and call plays that give the scatbacks a chance. Pounding any of these guys up the gut a la Dan Reeves Sammy Winder is not gonna get it. The naked bootlegs, the RB running outside behind a blocker, the trickery early... those are the plays that will wear out the opposing defense and cause them to hesitate, giving the Offensive weapons an edge. A scatback CAN break a big run up the middle, but only after the stage is set. Shanny has gotta show why he is called the mastermind. It killed me last week to watch him pound Q up the gut. We do not have Portis anymore, but the Broncs can still succeed with incredible talent and especially intelligent coaching.
      we got beard


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        Re: Re: Re: Guys!

        Originally posted by PrimeTime2479
        Id elect to go with Rueben Droughns first!
        How bout we get Ahman Green, Clinton Portis, L.T., Priest Holmes, and ummm... Deuce McCallister and pick one to start?


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          Re: Re: Re: Re: Guys!

          Originally posted by DBfan4lyfe
          How bout we get Ahman Green, Clinton Portis, L.T., Priest Holmes, and ummm... Deuce McCallister and pick one to start?
          i say we pull up beard and give him a try pounding the ball but just my opinion


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            I'm from OK and I was a denver fan before Q or Bell. I was born in CO and broncos come first.

            That said this issue is getting a little old. Q fans bash Bell and Bell fans bash Q. I'm a fan of both. Q fans shouldn't presume to know what Shanny will do and neither should Bell fans in my judgement. They can't make Bell the starter yet because they don't know that he will be better than Q and whether you like it or not neither do any of U. I have seen message after message that saying you can't judge Q by college because he might not adjust to the NFL, than by that you don't have a clue if Bell will adjust to the NFL because we haven't seen him enough.

            So for my predictions. A healthy Bell will start to see more carries especially if Q struggles in the next few games. We all need to see how he adjusts to the much faster nfl. Q may be falling apart or he may have just lost some confidence. But to all the asumptions that bell starting is a done deal is just high hopes in my opinion, and thats not bad we all have high hopes for our broncos.

            Lets just enjoy our season! For cryin out loud our D just took the #1 spot overall D. It's all GOOD!!!


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              I agree with most of what you say, but I don't think we need to give Q a few more games. I think the time is now to get this straightened out...what if we give Q a few games and there isn't any significant improvement in production? We just wasted a few games and possibly some wins because of that. I understand that Bell is a risk to play too....but come on, Q has fumbled 3 games in a row and at least needs to get his carries reduced if he is not producing vs Miami. If we give Bell a solid shot at it, say 10 carries, then we may get to see what he has to offer. I want to win more than have a feature back, so I could care less if they split carries even.

              I like Q and Bell, but I like the team more.
              Go Broncos, make me keep believing this year