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Interesting article on Broncos YAC

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  • Interesting article on Broncos YAC

    Thought this was an interesting read:

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    doesnt work.


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      dangit, the filter is screwing it up cause it says "recievers hit ground" combined as "reciever****ground"

      uh, try this:


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        nope, won't work....well, if you really care, just replace the **** with what it's supposed to say (the s word, but not really)

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          Here ya go:
          Broncos receivers hit ground running

          Lee Rasizer, Rocky Mountain News

          Collectively, the Denver Broncos' receivers seemed to suffer from a case of separation anxiety last season.

          According to Stats Inc., Denver finished 24th in yards after the catch (YAC) with 1,330 yards - a 741-yard drop-off behind league leader Kansas City.

          Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, while not resembling a caged bird suddenly released, the Broncos were able to take off on several occasions and run in the open field at times during a 23-13 victory.

          Receiver Rod Smith, tight end Jeb Putzier and, on one occasion, running back Quentin Griffin saw expansive grass in front of them as the Broncos put up 163 post-catch yards.

          Denver did it by liberally using crossing routes and a variety of screen passes to free pass-catchers.

          The 163-yard day continued a steady rise by Denver since Week 1 (81) and Week 2 (112), giving the Broncos a 356-yard YAC output this season.

          Denver leads the AFC in that category, Stats Inc. found. Only the Minnesota Vikings (530) and Philadelphia Eagles (398) are better.

          "There's been a big emphasis on that," Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak said. "About five or six things came to our attention real quick after we studied ourselves from last year, and that was one of those things. We needed to make more plays after the catch. And the guys are doing a good job of that."

          That isn't to say the Broncos' passing game is running full throttle despite a season-best 294-yard passing day against the Chargers by quarterback Jake Plummer heading into the game Sunday against Tampa Bay in Florida.

          Plummer's passes have failed to "lead" receivers at times this season, preventing some runs in stride.

          Other potential big gainers were missed: Incompletions on the opening snap to Griffin on Sept. 12 against Kansas City and on a deep ball down the right sideline to Ashley Lelie on Sunday are glaring examples.

          Still, the yards gained after the catch show an ability by Broncos receivers that, if placed in the right spots, there can be some offensive playmakers.

          "You've got to have that," Kubiak said of the after-catch yards. "When you're struggling on third downs and some of the things we're struggling on, you can make up for it in other areas when guys are making big plays for you, so that has been a bright thing for us and something we're counting on."

          Smith entered this season ranked second in the NFL since 1999 in YAC with 2,336. Only Terrell Owens (2,364) had more. But many scouts believe Smith's effectiveness in this regard has been diminishing, pointing out that the veteran receiver has lost a step.

          Even if that's true, veteran savvy counts for something, as Smith proved Sunday.

          Smith and Denver's other receivers repeatedly set up Chargers cornerbacks with patterns across the middle, starting with a 28-yard run after the catch by Smith as Denver opened its second offensive series.

          Later in that possession, Smith took a hard plant inside and cut back to the corner, leaving Chargers cornerback Sammy Davis stumbling to recover. Smith caught the ball in stride with open field in front of him and completed a 16-yard touchdown by outracing the linebacker to the left pylon.

          "The big plays we hit early were versus man to man so guys were catching the ball in space," Plummer said. "Voids were being left empty so we had guys making plays."

          The quarterback distinguished yards after the catch between those kinds of plays, which can be set up structurally to flush defenders out of zones, and receivers breaking tackles. Of that latter category, Plummer added, "We need a lot more of those."

          Putzier had the longest post-catch run Sunday, for the first time demonstrating the open-field speed he showed in training camp.

          Lined up at H-back, Putzier took a feigned step over the line of scrimmage, then stepped back as Plummer executed a play-action fake. Putzier caught the screen pass at Denver's 4, picked up a block by left guard Ben Hamilton and raced past linebacker Steve Foley, who took a bad angle and tripped. Putzier was run out of bounds 30 yards upfield.

          "Running is what I like to do," Putzier said.

          Yet the Broncos still haven't been able to fully unleash arguably their two quickest open-field runners.

          Griffin had a 22-yard gain off a screen against San Diego but went down on an open-field ankle tackle, preventing a bigger gain. Rookie Darius Watts and Plummer still haven't seemed to quite get in sync through the first three weeks.

          Meanwhile, Lelie has done a better job getting behind the defense than evading it following receptions. He did make a nice spin move for extra yardage against San Diego, one of six Denver receivers with one catch of at least 13 yards.

          "The good thing is we've got a lot of people making plays. And that's what you've got to have," Kubiak said. "It can't be one guy you go to in those situations."
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            Interesting article. Thanks Jav.
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            Thanks Snk16


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              thanks jav, didn't think to do that
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