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    Originally posted by TdnDenver View Post
    Let it go..... You're losing even worse now...LOL

    What part of THREE "Rookie wideouts" didnt you get? Having THREE wideouts that had NEVER caught a NFL pass don't you understand?

    Orton "Wins" in 2008-
    Kyle had ZERO td passes in 4 wins- "Really led the team there"....He DID lead the NFL in THAT tho....

    New Orleans- 49.2 Qb rating ZERO td 2 INT
    Green Bay- 48.7 qb rating 1 td 2 INT

    How'd Eddie Royal do with Kyle this year?
    How'd Scheff do with Kyle this year???
    How many times did the 7th ranked scoring defense run out of gas because of Kyle this year???

    Owned...over and over again....
    You bring up a couple games he had a bad rating, yet he had a better rating in Chicago than Cutler did in Chicago.

    Not sure how you argue with those facts, but you do.

    Cutler isnt a leader. He has never been a leader. He has never won anything. Not with Shanahan, not with Brandon Marshall, not with Chicago.

    He is a loser. better than Cutler.

    That must hurt. Better rating, and more wins.

    I know you want to say Chicago had a better defense with Orton, but the statistics dont suggest that.Go ahead, bring it up. I bet you will too.

    You are way out of your league, you have been owned over and over again, You lie, and then you change the argument. Classic move by someone that loses every argument.



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      Try reading my post first...

      Originally posted by 22cannon View Post
      I dont know if you are to busy coaching your team to know what is going on in Denver, but there has NEVER been speculation about McD lying to Cutler about his position with the team.

      I'm sure you will find MANY more resources to confirm this. Try Google : Mcdaniels lied
      Sorry my friend, the link you provided me with is again only hearsay. Whether you or the journalists writing the story believe it is true or not, it is not a quote from Cutler. I don't know if you are too busy doing something else while reading posts, but If you took time to read it, it says, "People have "speculated" that is the reason Cutler was angry...I have never seen any quotes with him saying that. If you can furnish me a link where he is quoted as saying that, I will be astonished.." You still have not furnished me with that information. The story from which you linked says, "Cutler did not return SI's calls, but according to those who have spoken to him recently, he remains adamant that McDaniels lied to him about his future in Denver and believes his new coach was close to making the deal for Cassel." I need a little more evidence than the words of a friend, of someones sisters cousin that recently heard that Cutler say he was lied to. I ASKED FOR A QUOTE FROM CUTLER, and I will still be astonished if you can furnish one.