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    In a nutshell......

    I like our schedule! And playing in London is not like playing an away game.....other than it is far away, for both teams. So, it's like we have 8 home games, 7 away games, and 1 far away game (for both teams). In fact, we may end up having more Broncos fans in London than the home team!!!


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      Originally posted by Bronco_Armada View Post
      Chargers have a good shot at 16-0

      the only 2 teams I see giving them trouble are the Pats and Colts. Maybe the Titans.

      The worse I see the chargers doing is 13-3, and that is if they decide to sit down in the last game.

      Talk about a gift on a silver platter.
      I dunno. I think you are giving the Bolts too much credit.

      I believe our schedule looks tougher than many think.
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        Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69 View Post
        I dunno. I think you are giving the Bolts too much credit.

        I believe our schedule looks tougher than many think.
        yeah i wouldn't rush out and buy playoff tickets if i was a charger fan, and i wouldn't overlook teams in APRIL.

        SD's got a lot of things to get used to this next year, and some holes that have slowly started to open.

        As for Denver, I think they'll be supprisingly crisp, but there are huge questions in APRIL to be counting victories.

        Teams like seattle, how will Carrol handle the tallent?

        Cards - Lots of pieces gone, there's no predictability...

        KC was really compeditive last year, and we play them in December at arrowhead.

        The titans, could suck or succeed really big.

        Houston, could rise to the challange and grow from their schedule, or tank.

        Indy, SB hangover, or Refocused?

        Jacksonville in Septemeber will be about 90 degrees, and 97% humidity....

        Flying to London before a buy week, focus is a huge question.

        The raiders are a dumpster fire, but Denver's D allowed Jamarcus a highlight reel drive to win the game AT HOME...


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          A couple more thoughts as if i haven't posted in this thread enough...

          @Jags - opening game not much schedulewise to talk about, you have all TC to prepare, HOT Florida

          Seattle - First road game of the Pete Carrol era. The week before they play the 49ers, they could be high after beating the 9ers, or low after winning an opener. Theres a chance that an inordinate amount of prep will go into week one conference opponent, and a lag may come week two.

          Colts - They play @ texans, and then host the giants. This may be a year to play them early. Both of those teams could give them a rough start to the season, if the hangover is still hobbeleing them, a road game to denver could be tough to be a peak performance for.

          @Titans - Tenn opens hosting the raiders, then hosts Pitt (minus Rapesburgher), Travels to the Giants, Hosts Denver, and then Travels to DAL, and To JAC. Denver's kind of Sandwiched between some tough opponents. The 2009 titans were up and down, the big question is their D-line, O-line, and QB. They could go either way, but denver will be the first 3-4 team they face in 2010, matchup problems could exist for a team who's conference is 4-3 teams.

          @Ravens - A tough road game, but the Ravens go to the Jets, to the Bengals, host the Browns, go to Pitt, and then host Denver before traveling the the Pats. That's a rough stretch of conference games, mixed with teams that should be far from pushovers. Out of the Bengals, Browns, Pitt, and NE, the broncos probably are the team to "look over", and relax for, since they dominated the lines last year. Look for bannan to have a big game on his first return trip home.

          Jets - The wonderlust of the NFL right now. Well here's how they start the seasson, host Baltimore, host the pats, go to Miami, go to buffalo, host the vikings and then to Denver. There's some real competition they are facing early in the year. As much as people want to forget the Jets were extremely inconsistant last year, they could compete with anyone, but lost some really ugly games last year.

          Raiders - Not much to say, a conference game, and no mater if they suck or not, they usually beat us one of the two games.

          @49ers (london) - LONG road trip. 49ers were up and down last year, and mostly down toward the end of the year, big questions at QB, but at a neutral field like this with both teams looking at a bye week, it will be a contest of focus.

          Chiefs - Have an early bye week (4), the also have some tough teams around us, but conference game and we usually split.

          @Chargers - Monday night game at SD, worked good for us last year, but SD is coming off the bye week, after a marginally tough first half of the season. If SD coasts through the first half, and then goes on a bye week to lay in the SD sun, focus could be tough to maintain, likewise if SD stumbles away some sure thing victories early, the deterioration could have begun.

          Rams - Someone that bad is unpredictable at best, they could be tough, or mailing it in.

          @chiefs - Conference, we usually split, but it's in December - Wince.

          @cardinals - Denver travels to Arizona, as the last game of a 3 game home stand for the cardinals. The host the 49ers, the rams and then Denver. the cardinals have lost a lot of pieces, does lienhart actually show up this year, and does the young defense step up, or do they crumble, into full rebuild mode. Either way it's going to be an eventful week of scouting, luckly there is plenty of weeks worth of 2010 footage.

          @raiders - conferece game, usually split, the good news is that it's late enought in the year there won't be a dirt diamond in the middle of the football field!!!!, it's the third game in the long stretch of road games.

          Texans - A huge unknown. They could really be clicking, from rising to the challenge or Denver could be the week sister in the middle of a brutal schedule, that the team unites to really try and win. the go to the Eagles, host the Ravens, to to Tenn, to Denver, and then host JAC, after the brutal first part of the season. OUCH!

          Chargers - Division game at home to close the season, plenty of hate in this one.


          6 games of 3-4 teams, for whatever center we put in. Last years 7 of 9 games in the middle of the season was brutal (facing a total of 9 teams with a 3-4). Two times are the 3-4 teams back to back (Bal/Jets & KC, SD)

          Here is how the opponents stack up in average NFL Team rank. (parenthensis are the number of top 10 team in each catagory faced in that year)

          2010's numbers are evaluated using 2009's stats.

                                                 2010      2009      2008
          Opponents Defense Rush Yds Allowed    18.81(5)   17.69(5)   20(2) 
          Opponents Defense Pass Yards Allowed  17.36(4)   14.06(5)   19.88(3)
          Opponents Defense Allowing Points     17.56(4)   15.63(5)   17.57(3)
          Opponents Rushing Yds Offense         19.06(3)   17.75(3)   14(6)   
          Opponents Passing Yds Offense         18.03(4)   15.69(7)   16.81(4) 
          Opponents Points Scored Offense       17.82(5)   15.88(7)   16.63(7)
          Playoff Teams (Denver's Record)          5(?)      8(4-4)     5(2-3)
          2009 was a Brutal Schedule all but two catagories the teams Denver faced were above average, and an average of 5.33 teams in the top 10 of any catagory.

          2008 was a pretty soft schedule, only one catagory was the average team faced above average with the average of 4.16 teams in the top 10 of any catagory.

          2010 seems to be a schedule that is manageable, the rankings of teams Denver is facing, there isn't one catagory where the teams average out at above average. Denver faces an aveage of 4.16 teams in the top 10 of each catagory (same as 08)

          Of coarse those statistics for 2010 are based on 2009's numbers, so change is bound to happen, but heres an overview.
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            Originally posted by CanDB View Post
            In a nutshell......

            I like our schedule! And playing in London is not like playing an away game.....other than it is far away, for both teams. So, it's like we have 8 home games, 7 away games, and 1 far away game (for both teams). In fact, we may end up having more Broncos fans in London than the home team!!!
            Thats a distinct possibility. Given the size and shape of wembley it is also an extremely loud stadium.... I'm confident we'll have great support. I for one will be there. I'll take a load of pictures for Bronconation if any of you guys are interested in seeing what the Broncos support is like overseas?...


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              Our schedule does look pretty good but it did last time we played the AFC South and I think they put 3 of thier 4 teams into the playoffs and not one team had a losing record.
              Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play