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Kyle Orton will be traded tomorrow...

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  • Kyle Orton will be traded tomorrow...

    He will be traded to The Bills, (who wanted Tebow,or the 49'ers) for a second or third...BOOK IT!!!
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    hope so. I got loads of respect for Kyle but I think he's leavin hopefully we can get a second for him. I wish him luck wherever he goes but I think we need to let quinn and tebow fight it out for the starting spot


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      If we do that, then who's gonna play QB for us this year? Tebow is about 2-3 years away, and Quinn is definitely not ready.


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        ...or they could just draft Clausen.


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          I hope we do trade him tomorrow. Ive supported orton all year and while I dont think hes anything special I do respect him and see him as a guy that can get the job done but wont carry anyone. Obviously Mcdaniels doesnt have faith in him to be our future though seeing how we just grabbed a former 1st round qb and picked up tebow.

          For some reason picking someone up in the 1st to hopefully someday become good never makes sense to me. I understand you cant throw qbs in at day 1 usually but 1st rounders are supposed to be the most nfl ready guys. To grab 2 guys who most likely will have 0 impact on our offense this year is disgusting.

          Obviously we arent going to keep 4 qbs on the roster, I dont think we trade for quinn and then dump him a month later. Brandstater is likely gone (obviously). We wouldnt have a starting caliber qb on the roster without kyle though. Would we be better off throwing quinn in there who was pathetic in cleveland? He was on a horrible team which could be an excuse for him but I dont have confidence with quinn.

          Theres only one word I can use to describe our qb situation and thats cluster.....well you know.


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            If Orton isn't gone tomorrow, Brandstater is gone before the season starts, you can bank on it.



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              I see Tebow learning behind Orton this year. Orton only has a year left on his contract, then he's gone. Tebow could be used in certain situations this year, but will not be thrown in there full-time. Quinn was only brought in to be a backup and is a vast improvement over Simms. Brandstater will get moved to the practice squad. It's all good!


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                King Neck Beard Rules.


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                  Coach's vote of confidence = traded

                  Originally posted by ItalianBronco View Post
                  He will be traded to The Bills, (who wanted Tebow,or the 49'ers) for a second or third...BOOK IT!!!
                  So much for the vote of confidence.

                  Kyle Orton has done everything asked of him. I would like to see at least enough of a deep pass to keep the defense honest. He have never complained about any of the situations. He did not ask to come here, he had a job.

                  If he is traded I am sure he will do well. It might be a good time to get out. The 2010 Circus begins now.
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                    While it's possbile, I doubt it.

                    I still think Orton is the starter come season start. There is no guarantee that Tebow is going to be ready.
                    I would guess that Quinn might be the trade bait first.

                    I'd rather keep em all, and make a trade mid season to some team desperate, after thier qb goes down.


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                      god i hope not but i can see it happening


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                        i wouldnt be upset.

                        orton is obviously not part of our long term plans. after his 1 year contract is up, he's gone.


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                          if anything brandstater gets cut.
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                            I love Orton, but I never thought he was going to be our long term solution. However, I seriously doubt that he is going to be traded this season. I think he will start this season and then be traded.

                            I don't look at our qb situation as all that bad. I will be a bit bummed if Brandstater is cut, but that is the way the NFL works sometimes.

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                              It would not surprise me to see Brandstater or Orton traded tommorrow.

                              I think Quinn and Tebow are the number 1 and 2 guys now.
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