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I want McDaniels fired if we finish below .500 this season

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    Originally posted by Kilroy View Post
    o kay...

    I know something now... i doubt its what you intended.
    Well here is a fact boys... I wish never to see the likes of bringpain or hairbrain, or tampain...what ever his name is again on these boards. The only words I wish to hear of him is that he suffered agony.


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      Originally posted by KnockoutOrton8 View Post
      I want a 5032 Lamborghini with leather interior and Megan Fox in the passenger seat. Can't always get what you want man :salute!:
      Eh yo. I'd be willing to be the lambo just so Megan Fox can ride me


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        Originally posted by BringingPain View Post
        No, pretty sure they are facts.
        So I read what you wrote, and felt I should look up what a fact is.

        According to Merriam-Webster a fact is:
        "A piece of information presented as having objective reality"

        Since you might not understand what objective is let's look at that, again according to Merriam-Webster:
        "expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations"

        Everything you say is about what you think or how you feel; also called personal feelings. You're arguments are not objective, they are biased and angry. Therefore they are not fact but merely opinion. That's just my :2cents:.

        I honestly think that, since we cannot see the future, we cannot see how this is going to pan out. I like the move to pick up Tebow, and I will be rooting for him and the rest of the Team next season.

        “My age is getting up there, but that doesn't mean my play has to diminish” -Brian Dawkins

        Man I love the way this guy plays!


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          And i want the Broncos to win the SB every year....waits.... nope still isnt going to happen you can wish and want something as much as you want it isnt always going to happen. If we finish under .500 this season should MCD be fired NO!!!! thats two years into his tenure if we fired coaches for two bad seasons then we would never have made it to a SB.

          Yes i dont agree with everything he has done but Cutler has proven to be an INT machine in Chicago and Marshall proved again that he cant stay out of trouble. so we got the best for them that we could. And hes trying to rebuild the team again Bmarsh 4th round pick made good any reason why Thomas cant be better?????.

          So to conclude all Broncos fans support the team have your opinions but dont expect everyone to agree with you

          2011 Adopt-A-Bronco Quinton Carter