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Am i the only broncos fan in Australia

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  • Am i the only broncos fan in Australia

    I'm from australia and was wondering if i am the only broncos fan down under. Is anyone else from australia?

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    you possibly are but you may not be.......sometimes i feel like im the only DB fan in VA

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      At least you're sane down there. What's the most popular NFL team in Australia?


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        What's tv coverage of the NFL like in Australia?


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          probly not, i thought i was the only bronco fan down here, but i went to a sports bar that shows every game, and bronco fans were the majority..(other then houston)


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            Your not the only one mate, im a crazy bronco fan from Australia!!

            The popular teams down here would be, The cowboys, Falcons, 49ers, Packers and i know a few bronco supporters. But really NFL isnt too big down here, we have to compete with 4 different football codes, the Australia Football League, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer so it doesnt give American Football much chance.

            In my state (Victoria) we currently have 8 senior and 6 junior (which i play in ) teams. I think there are about 50 teams in Australia so we're doing our best to spread the word

            And The NFL gets a bit of a go down here with tv, no coverage on free-to-air though, you need Pay-Tv which shows the Sunday and Monday night "prime time" games (abc/espn?) and also the Sunday/Sunday night games which Fox show. As well as that we get Sportscenter and PTI usually each night.
            So we usually get 3 - 4 live games a week, so i cant complain.
            I cant wait to actually go and see a LIVE game at mile high though!! GO BRONCOS!


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              do you mean!!

              under the sheets ya baby!!!
              you !!blinkt!!


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                Yeah, the only NFL coverage down here is on pay-tv and, seeing as though I don't have it, I never see games. The only full game that I have seen is the Broncos V Redskins HOF game.
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