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Looks like we will see droughns in one back sets alot now.

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    Re: Re: when Bill Clinton lied, nobody died.

    Originally posted by mattos
    do you seriously think he wants bush for our running back? i seriously doubt a "who is the better running back, bush or kerry" flamewar is going to happen.
    Note: I'd choose Kerry in this scenario. He's much more apt to utilize misdirection and can stop on a dime to change his direction in a heart beat! :p

    On a serious note: I say stick with Q, but utilize one of the bigger backs with more frequency to keep the opposing defenses honest.

    Nuff said...

    Not as lean & Not as mean.. but damn proud to claim the title of (former) U.S. Marine
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      Originally posted by CONative2291984
      yea and he has good awareness to look for the marker and he made sure he got the first. He plowed through 3 guys and carried them like it was nothing.
      That was sweet, the biggest play of the game. I wish he had more explosiveness at RB. The portis days we had 60+ 50+ runs. Now its like 5-10 with an average of 3+. At least were winning though....