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Demaryius Thomas Vs Dez Bryant

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  • Demaryius Thomas Vs Dez Bryant

    I find it a lil' weird how the only two wide-outs picked up in the first round of the draft both picked number 88 and both will be starting this season, and both will have a great chance of making rookie of the year.

    Some people ive talked to said it was crazy that Mcdaniels passed on Bryant and picked Thomas. Those are the people that have no clue what those two players did back in college.

    In 2009, Demaryius Thomas had 46 receptions for 1,154 yrds with an average of 25.1 yards per catch! In 2008, Dez Bryant had 87 receptions for 1,480 yrds with an average of 17.0 yards per catch.

    As you all can see Bryant had alot more receptions and yards but had a drastically lower average per catch.

    The only reason Dez Bryant had so much hype before the draft was because of him getting in trouble with the ncaa and getting suspended in 2009 about talking to Deon Sanders without telling them about it. When the ncaa asked if it was true that he spoke with Sanders, he lied to them and said no. Which lead to his suspension.

    I don't know about you guys, but if Thomas can catch around 45 balls and get over a thousand yards in 2009. I think he has a very great chance of getting rookie of the year and stealing it out of Bryants hands like a scoundrel.

    Let me know what you guys think...

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    To be honest with you, I think that people would have questioned the pick regardless. We draft Thomas and people say he can't run routes. If we had drafted Bryant, people would question why we got rid of Marshall (a proven WR) for a guy with supposed "character issues" who is unproven in the NFL. In my opinion, McDaniels selected Thomas because he sees him as being a #1 receiver and a good deep threat for us going into the future. I think it also shows that McD has confidence in the coaching staff to teach Thomas the routes and mold his skills to prepare him for the NFL. I think Thomas is a good fit for us, even though a lot of people say Dez was the best receiver off of the board. Time will tell but I really liked us drafting Thomas and I'm really excited for this season and to see how our rookies do. :go:
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      Im putting ZERO stock on Thomas until he steps on the field and plays his first official game.


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        The knock on Thomas was the school he came from was a heavy run offense, by that I mean it was 90% run 10% pass, so opposing teams would stack the box to stop the run, leaving Thomas in a lot of 1 vs. 1 with no help over the top. When Thomas was thrown the ball it was so much of a surprise sometimes he was completely uncovered, which in a sense explains his insane amount of yards per catch. Due to this offense Thomas only had three routes since the opposing defenses were bringing a lot pressure to stop the run, leaving nesbit the quarterback little time to throw, thus limiting bey bey's routes.
        Dez came from an offense that was primarily pass first, which lead to him having a great variety of routes and defenses that would play more pass oriented formations which is what the NFL does for the most part.
        Dez is more polished than Thomas, but that doesn't mean he's better. Thomas is just as physically gifted, if not better physically, also comes without the threat of headache. As for your comparison in stats, it is impossible to say that thomas would have been better with that many opportunities he would have had better stats. I personally believe, that Thomas is the better receiver, but it is also a fa ct that dez is more polished and that being said first round picks should be guys who can immediately make an impact with a small learning curve, so to take Thomas with little route running experience over Bryant who is NFL ready is why most people have a problem with the pick. I believe we have the better reciever and both will be great, but Thomas has a lot to learn and Kyle orton as a QB (not saying he's bad), but Dez doesn't have as much to learn and Tony romo(rip me if you want but I believe romo is better than orton). In a couple of years, I have no doubt both will be great, but Thomas will be elite.:go:
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          Bryant has a higher chance of being an impact player because he has less to learn, IMO he is a safer pick. Thomas is a more risky pick because it is harder to tell how he will adapt to the NFL, he came from a system that is NOT pro-style, and he seems to have more to learn.

          With that said it is WAY to early to assess these two players, give it six years and we will know.
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            Originally posted by JoeGonePro View Post
            The only reason Dez Bryant had so much hype before the draft was because of him getting in trouble with the ncaa and getting suspended in 2009 about talking to Deon Sanders without telling them about it.
            No. In the very early mock drafts before the 2009 college season even began there was a fair amount of speculation that Bryant would be the #1 overall pick. He was rated highly enough that despite missing almost the entire year, having some character concerns, and recent verifiable workouts- he was still viewed as a top 15 pick by most draftniks. The whole Sanders/getting suspended didn't help his hype.


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              I for one am glad we picked Thomas over Bryant. I just don't see Bryant being a humble player over his career like Thomas. Bryant is going to be a prima dona WR the traits are all there for him. Now on field at this moment Bryant is a little more skilled than Thomas but I tell you this he's not that much better. Thomas is a freak of an athlete out of all the players I really wanted us to get this guy even though he didn't get a lot of receptions due to the style of the coaches. He has great speed and hands and in my opinion when I watched the guy he reminded me a lot of Andre Johnson from Houston. His potential is that great.


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                I think a better thread would be Demaryius Thomas vs Arrelious Benn


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                  Stats can be deceiving. Ashely Lelie led the league in YPC one year (20.1 per catch) but that didn't make him a good WR and route runner. It just meant he could run real fast in a straight line and get a catch every now and then so his average looked great, as compared to the guy running inside routes and out-routes for 10-15 yards.

                  A guy that can run in a straight line is great for the home-run ball but how many throws are going to be completed like that in a game...1 maybe 2.

                  Bryant is a pro-style WR. Thomas is not and probably never will be.


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                    Originally posted by bucking bronco View Post
                    Bryant is a pro-style WR. Thomas is not and probably never will be.
                    And I thought I was negative. They said the same thing about B-Marsh when he was drafted.


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                      You really cant tell much about the player from just their YPC. I mean with the offense bay bay was in he would often be on a go route and just catch a bomb which greatly increases your ypc. I'm not trying to take anything away from him, he is a very talented wr but from that stat alone you really cant tell.

                      To me if you watch the tape you see bay bay make some great catches but most of them are like I said the go routes, not many other routes, which is what he needs to work on of course. You see some great hands on him, knows how to use his size, and great speed after he catches that ball.

                      The thing is dez is more skilled at the routes he can run and has run when it comes to expirence. I dont think he has as good hands as bay bay, he can make some nice catches but you will sometimes see a mental lapse and him drop a few easy ones. Dez has speed to him as well for a big guy , but I think bay bay takes the cake when it comes to this. The only thing is it isnt as easy to see bay bays change of direction speed because of the routes he runs, but you can see dez is pretty well at turning his hips and accelerating out of his routes.

                      Right now its basically an opinion on who is better. Comparing college stats is pretty useless, theres a bunch of different factors than the numbers just tell. We will see who has a better rookie year. I can see big things from bay bay if he steps up to be the number one guy that we desperatly need, while on the other hand dez can more or less develop his game since he wont be asked to step up and be the number one guy or at least for his rookie year.

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                        Originally posted by Iconoclast View Post
                        And I thought I was negative. They said the same thing about B-Marsh when he was drafted.
                        Brandon Marshall slipped to the 4th round mostly due to character concerns. I think he played D his junior year which also may have had some bearing as well.
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                          Dez doesn't have Rod Smith as a tutor. Thread over.


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                            D.T. on character alone.

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                              According to scouts, Dez Bryant runs better routes than Demaryius Thomas, has better hands and shows more ability with the ball in his hands. What we might have in Thomas is a better blocker, a freakish athlete with more height and speed, a smarter player and peace of mind since he likely won't become a problem off the field.

                              Both guys look like potential #1 receivers, though I disagree with those who say they were the only ones in this draft. As far as I know, you may find a potential #1 receiver in the 7th round or even in college free agency. Marques Colston and Miles Austin are examples.

                              Thomas and Bryant will be forever linked, competing to prove who really is the better receiver. Teams judge and grade players differently. Remember the Texans took Kareem Jackson and the Patriots took Devin McCourty while Kyle Wilson was still on the board, and most people thought he was the 2nd best cornerback in the draft.

                              If Thomas fits our system and becomes a productive player, then we made a good pick.