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  • Originally posted by 91bronco View Post
    What???? You're advocating for higher priced tickets???

    Broncos tickets aren't exactly cheap these days- I don't think the Broncos are underpricing their tickets. They may not be gouging us either but a little good faith by an organizations towards the fans is never a bad thing IMO>
    Yes I am.

    If it took a 20% price hike to make this team a winner again I would have no problem paying if the team was to retain pro bowl players rather then trade them away or let them walk.

    Bronco tickets are cheap in comparison to other ticket prices around the league. Just check out tickets in NY,Dallas,Indy,Miami,SD,SF,ALL OF TEXAS,GreenBay,Pittsburgh,Miami, c.. the list goes on.

    The other plus in raising the price of the seats would be when a big game comes around, are fans would not jump at selling their tickets for 40% more then face value. Do I really need to remind everyone of Pittsburgh at home in 2005 & last year? Its sad when a team loses home field advantage due to its so called fans pawning off tickets to a home game. :thumb:


    • Originally posted by Alastor View Post
      The entire intake on that game, should it sell out, is probably going to be in the $2.5M range. How much more than the normal take for that game that is is anyone's guess, but they'd have sold some tickets even if Tebow wasn't with the Broncos.

      We'll roll with $2.5 million in ticket sales for that game though, since that's what Draco's site listed.

      So essentially we're talking about $2.5 Mil minus whatever amount the games at that stadium make under normal circumstances. I don't know what it is, but I think we can safely say they sell at least half of their seats each and every game.

      So really we're talking about an increase in revenue for that game of $1.25M total - and that's being incredibly generous.

      Of which the Broncos now get 40% because we're the visitor.

      That's $500,000.

      And we play the Jaguars how often? Once every four years if I'm not mistaken.

      That's $125K per year.

      That's below the minimum wage of even a single player for a football team - including the practice squad.

      Even if your theory were true, Killin', the revenue in the most favorable stadium in the world to Tebow, using the most generous numbers a reasonable person can without laughing, the total additional revenue to the Broncos is enough to pay one player the league minimum for one year, but we don't even play the Jaguars every year.

      There's really no nice way to say it. This entire argument is complete crap.
      Ten characters.

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      • Originally posted by 12and4 View Post
        IMO, he is posting that in here because this thread is useless, so he is just being AS useless by posting something AS useless as the OP's post.
        And yet the muffin post was so interesting and probably more usefull than this thread. He he


        • Why did I even bother opening up this thread. Not a smart question TS.....