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    Originally posted by ChiefWildHorse View Post
    It's truly an honor to read all of these great stories from longtime fans. I'm a newbie myself. I've been a fan since January of 2010 (nothing against Tebow, but please note this was before the draft!). This was when I found out that I was going to be moving to Denver in June. I became a fan because I'm a firm believer in supporting the local team. I've been an NFL fan since as far back as I can remember. I moved here from the NFL-less city of Portland, OR where most people follow the Seattle Seahawks by default, but I could never really get into that funny little team.

    Needless to say, I'm very excited and proud to be a fan of a team with such a rich tradition, following, and culture. I've been immersing myself in all things Broncos of late- finding out as much about the history and current state of the team as I can. And as an added bonus.....I've always hated the Raiders!!

    I feel lucky to say that I had the privilege of seeing John Elway play in person at the first NFL game I ever attended. This was at Jack Murphy Stadium in SD back in the early 90s, unfortunately the Broncos lost on a late field goal.

    Can't wait to attend some open practices next week! Hope to see some of you there, I don't really know many people here yet.
    welcome! I started a link a while ago for newbies and thought you might enjoy some of the awesome links peeps posted. Here it is


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      Back in the mid-1970's my co-worker buddy had season tickets, and for a couple years we saw every home game from the very top of the north end of mile hi. Kind of a blimp-like view.

      So I signed up for season tickets in the late 70's, and after a 14 year wait they finally came through. Oops, I've been in California for 10 years of that 14. Called a client friend from New Mexico whose family uses my tickets.

      This thread brings back some fond memories
      Doug G


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        i was born march 9th, 1985, my father was a life long broncomaniac, and it went on to me, so 25 years, my first jersey was a very very small broncos jersey, my blood may be red, but, all in all, if i have to bleed, it will be orange and blue.


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          We moved to Denver in April of 1969 when I was 12. My Mom was the football fanatic in the family and as the oldest daughter I wanted to follow in her footsteps and being new to Colorado we became fans of the Broncos.

          Hard to believe it's 40 years later and I have so many great memories from the Morton and Elway years. I was blessed to FINALLY become a season ticket holder in my own right in 2008. I've been going to the games since 2003 courtesy of a buddy of mine.

          Welcome to all of you who are new to being Bronco fans and remember to always stand tall and proud of the best team in the NFL!


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            Thanks to everyone who posted in the thread. I will say this atleast I have a lot of fond memories of bronco past and can see when and why you guys are in the bronco nation. It truly turned out to be a special thread at least to me. Helps me get to know some of you guys even if it was just finding out how you became fans.

            So again thank you to every1 who posted in this thread so far and hope I get to hear more stories.