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I want to see this guy make the roster (Marquez Branson)

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    I seen he was lined up as fullback today when reading the blog. Is he Spencer Larsen #2?
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      I likewise would like to see Branson make the roster.


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        Originally posted by D# View Post
        Excuse the music, the poster must have been from Europe.
        hes gonna make it barring some injury I fully expect him to be a big key to our no huddle offense this year .
        "(Touchdowns) are the goal," Orton said. "You can run for as many yards as you want, throw for as many yards as you want, but you have to convert to seven points. I think we're going to be explosive, be dynamic, be versatile."

        "Perception is everything in this league, and a lot of times, unless you're a self-promoter, it can become negative," - Kyle Orton

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          I've been pimping him since last season. He's going to be the next Larry Csonka.


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            MARQUEZ BRANSON STATS Receiving
            Statistics No Yds Avg TD
            2008 45 737 16.4 11
            2007 37 499 13.5 7
            Career 82 1,236 15.1 18

            I'm very excited about the potential that Branson has. He gives us a lot versatility, and as KO8 mentioned, he will be a key part to our no huddle offense. I'm really think Branson is part of the reason why we was able to part ways with Hillis and Scheffler.


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              Not to burst every1's bubble....but this guy looks ehh...not GREAT size, not GREAT speed didn't really break many tackles....what are you guys seeing?....

              NOOOOOO type of Antonio Gates or T. Gonzalez....and I mean I know that's asking alot...but this dude just looks average and hype on him for me...

              looks no type of special to me...just sayin'