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Getting to know our newest Bronco Joe Mays....your going to like him!!

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    Originally posted by tagryn View Post
    Eagles fan here. We had a lot of hope for Mays going into 2009 - he racked up some very impressive tackle numbers as a rookie during the preseason in '08, it seemed like he was always around the ball on defense in those games. However, he wasn't able to do much on ST and was deactivated for most of 2008. In '09, MLB Stewart Bradley blew out his knee and a lot of fans were expecting Mays to step up and take the job, but he wasn't able to make the next step and spent most of the year only playing parttime on ST. After we drafted a couple of LBs this year, there wasn't much room left for him.

    He could be a player that needs a change of scenery to come around, he pretty much used up all his chances in Philly. He's still young and did start off very impressively in '08, it just never came together for him as an Eagle. He's got a good motor, but that never seemed to translate into production, especially on ST where he needed to shine last year. I wish him well, but as with Arrington, there's reasons why he was traded.

    Here's another fan's take on Mays.
    I don't think his skill set fit the Philly MLB role very well. I think he might do much better as TED in a 3-4, especially in a backup role and as a 2 down player. I agree though, there are reasons people are traded, especially so soon after being drafted.


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      Originally posted by RazR View Post
      Exactly. By all means, I would love to see him become something special on 'D', but to think we've got a diamond in the rough might be wishful thinking. Are the Eagles that dumb to let a high caliber player go so cheaply? I doubt it. While those vids show some great plays, it doesn't mean we've got a pro-bowler either.
      For me it's not wishful thinking. It's having faith that our Coaches can get the best out of him. I mean look at last year. Moss, DOOM, Reid, and Ayers were all DT's or DE's converted to LB's and i don't think they did bad at all.