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McKinley, Barrett on IR

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  • Originally posted by DancingHorsey View Post
    Seriously? Who cares? Barrett is a marginal talent at best, and now he's injured for the season. This is a silly topic.
    marginal "glass" talent at best.... silly silly silly


    • Barrett is never going to be more than a ST gunner in the NFL. And while big and fast he would often run past the returner for the other team anyway and have no impact. People give Barrett to much credit for playing ok against a TE in a game or 2, as he has done nothing worth while in any other game unless it was on ST.

      David Bruton is as good of an athlete, but he has a better chance of making it on our D as a safety. Bruton does everything on ST as good or better than Barrett, and Bruton I think will still develope into a decent starting safety in the NFL.



      • he probably would never have started here, this probably gives him a chance to start.
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        • Originally posted by 203KillinSpree View Post
          It does not make sense to put him on waivers before the August 31st cut down date. They could have put him on the IR or keep him active until the date then move him safely to IR after. To me it makes no sense to let a great special teams guy just slip away like that. Barret if traded would have been worth something. So to let him be exposed like they did tells me it was a mistake.

          Good article about the situation on ESPN Boston.

          Really? It tells me that we look in pretty good shape for defensive backs and since Barrett was going to be out for a year, it was no big deal.

          Yeah, it might have been nice to keep him, but in the end, losing him is no big deal.
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          • Turd, who cares?


            • whats funny is that there is kinda of a unwritten rule about doing this.....the thought is to be a gentelmans rule betwen teams.....

              whats even funnier is now BB is screwed.....any player he puts on waivers will most likely be a target for MCD, and barrett is going to the IR regardless, so all he did was cost himself a roster spot this summer for a player that wont even see the field this helps BB zero, zip, zilch.....

              my guess is he thought barrett wasnt as hurt as MCD was leading, but the guy has surgery scheduled already.....and has massive injury history on that same shoulder.....


              • If Josh McDaniels wanted Josh Barrett he would have never exposed him to waivers. So either A; McDaniels just didn't want him or B; McDaniels is an idiot who is still making "rookie mistakes".

                Naturally everybody will tell me the answer is "C; Josh McDaniels is a genius who has a plan for World Domination".......


                • this is a dog act by bill. And to the one person who said he wouldnt have the roster you have got to be jokin right.