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A Dream Come True: An Old Article on Worrell Williams

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  • Originally posted by rc0101 View Post
    Do you mean Mays?
    I think "Myers" is the combination of Ayers and Moss. Or Mays and Ayers.

    Who knows.
    Just a diehard Broncos Fan trying to make it living in Charger/Raider country (SoCal)


    • sucks because i took my grandkids to the game. i drove all the way from idaho and my grandkids didnt get to see their hero play.


      • I liked how much energy he played with tonight. He looked really good and was just bouncing around with enthusiasm and energy. That catch that was ruled oob on the sidelines was still pretty impressive. I just liked his effort every play he was on the field. Looked like he wanted to be out there badly. Just my opinion.


        • Originally posted by Freyaka View Post
          Well it happened way more than once in the detroit game (enough so that the announcers were even comenting on it) misscommunication or not it needs to be fixed before I'm sold on him. He looks fine short but we don't need him as much short as we do deep because until Thomas gets healthy his one of our speedier guys.
          I did see that, and agreed with that assessment for that game, but he didn't show any of that tonight. He was playin hard and making himself vulnerable to make plays. Still can be a nice threat for us in an offense where a lot of guys get the ball. He's a matchup nightmare for a 3rd string CB or a linebacker.

          I loved the interview he had this week, I think he's a really intelligent guy and that's why he's still around. His laugh is priceless too.


          • i just hate he quits on routes.
            oakland raders gm
            latavis murray trade bait


            • Lloyd has never lacked talent... it's the hard work and focus needed to make good use of that talent that has been lacking.

              There was a reference to some comments from Orton during the broadcast, saying that he had a good rapport with Lloyd and that Lloyd was a lot more humble now than he was in Chicago. Maybe Lloyd has finally seen the light?