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    Originally posted by Verge View Post
    So did he just not cover the number ones? Because they had a hell of a lot of catches.
    Well lets say he did cover them the whole game.

    Calvin Johnson, 3 receptions, 13 targets
    DeSean Jackson, 4 receptions, 9 targets
    Roddy White, 4 receptions, 13 targets
    Steve Smith, 4 receptions, 8 targets

    That's if he covered them the whole game, which I'm pretty sure he didn't. In all of those games, the majority of their yardage came from 1 catch. And I'd be more than willing to say that catch came against one of their other CBs as he only allowed 201 yards. He did allow the 68 yard TD to Roddy White though which was his only TD allowed all season (the coverage was there, he just didn't make the tackle). 15 passes were completed in the 9 games he played in. He had 4.7 yards allowed per pass attempt.