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Week 3-8 Tough run this year?

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    Colts-W or L.....50-50 this year, think we have a good chance
    Ravens-W They look less dominant on D, Our D should stop the run
    Jets-W...Sanchez is not that great and :orton:will put up more points
    Niners-W......They have Alex Smith, we can pressure him into TO"S
    Titans-loss.....W or L Depends on how our Run D is, if solid Broncos win
    I know I am am optimistic, but I like McD and feel that Wink will do a good job this year. The biggest ???'s are in the trenches, if the Broncos can play with emotion and control the line of scrimmage, they can make the playoffs and win the gamews above.

    Broncos win the battle of the trenches, LB's and secondary shut down the O, and if :orton: has time go thru progressions, he will find someone to throw the ball to.
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      We will see tonight how well we will be doing this year and that is what coach and several players have said already. This is going to be a big game even if it is preseason game.

      "As a team, we'll kind of get a real feel of where we are as a football team against this Pittsburgh Steelers team that we know is a contender," Goodman said. "(Sunday we will) just get a feel overall for what kind of team we have."

      "This is your last time to get out there to get significant playing time before Jacksonville," Orton said, "so you obviously want to end with a good taste in your mouth."

      "I like it just from the momentum standpoint," said Lloyd, a wide receiver going through his eighth preseason. "Getting the win with the first unit playing the majority of the game, it does a lot for me and my confidence going into the regular season."

      So We can expect a good fight tonight be prepared for a bloody battle in the trenches.

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      A Good Test
      By Eric Detweiler