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    Gaffney is an ideal #2. Big possession receiver who creates matchup problems for #2 corners

    Thomas will hopefully develop into an ideal field stretching #1.
    Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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      Ya, I think he can be #1. Hes got an incredible knack for getting open and hes got great hands. Thats really what it takes in this league. Separation and the ability to finish. To be perfectly honest, I've never seen anything special in Eddie Royal. I know alot of fans think hes impressive but I havent seen it and I dont think hes a top receiver or has the ability to become one. I think Decker is going to be our next McCaffrey though. A go-to receiver when we need to convert a third down. Hes got great field vision and really pushes for extra yards after the catch. All in all, I'm happy with our receivers and I cant wait for Willis to catch on..that boy has freakish field speed.

      I still keep to my 5-11 record. I dont have faith in McDaniels as a coach. Call me a hater or a Shanahan lover..whatever. I watched our team loaded with talent play a weaker opponent and lose. I've seen us replace a proven offensive genius (Shanahan) with a coach that took all the credit for Tom Brady's talent and watched our offense slowly turn into something you'd expect out of Detroit.

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        I don't normally think of Gaff as a #1 receiver, but who cares what I think. Once Marshall was finished with us last year, Jabar became the go to guy. And "go to" is good to go to. If Orton and Jabar keep building on chemistry, he will probably catch 6 balls a game (avg).....due to familiarity, trust and ability. I believe this bond is there already, so don't be surprised.

        BUT....I also believe we will spread the ball around. So, Gaff will get his share, but so will the rest of the receivers......and I am talking a lot of suitable targets - Royal, Willis, Lloyd, Decker, DT, Graham, Branson, Moreno...etc.

        I'm likin the situation!


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          I know Royal is often envisioned or discussed as the "Welker" in this offense, but I think Gaffney could fit in that role real well. Get D.T. in the downfield "Randy Moss" role, and Gaffney tearing it up across the middle like Welker.

          It seems like Royal has enough raw speed to be of use as the other downfield WR instead of the Welker.

          Gaffney seems like he could thrive really mixing it up on all those little intermediate routes driving the defense crazy.

          It seems that no matter what, it's three guys -- New England is doing Moss, Welker, and it looks like perhaps Aaron Hernandez at TE. McD is not doing the TE thing so much, so Gaffney might be that one. (Not that he would be a tight end, but that he would be the more Dallas Clark type of routes).

          I'm excited to see.


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            Originally posted by Jay3 View Post
            It seems like Royal has enough raw speed to be of use as the other downfield WR instead of the Welker.
            He definitely has the speed. The problem is him getting off the line. Opposing defenses last season seemed to hit him at the line and jam him up. Because of his size they don't have to hold him in place long in order to ruin a play.

            The QBs in the NFL get about 3.5 seconds to let go of the ball before they're getting nailed. Sometimes even releasing it within that time-frame gets them nailed. If Royal spends a half second on the line having to bounce back from being shoved at the start of the play, he's lost a lot of ground and ability. That's a quick jam too. We've all seen CBs and Safeties in this league that can easily tangle smaller receivers up for longer than that.

            It's not his speed that's an issue for him being a deep threat. It's getting off the line.

            Putting him in the slot would either force a safety to come up close in order to jam him (allowing single coverage on one of the deep receivers) or leave him matched up on much slower linebackers, allowing him to get free.

            That's why Royal is a good slot receiver but not a great deep threat, despite his speed.


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              True, it seems like the downfield guys have to also be pretty physical. It's one of the (ever-so-slight) weaknesses I seen in Ochocinco's game. He is occasionally susceptible to handwork in the first 5 yards and beyond.

              So I don't know what to expect of Royal long term-- I could see Gaffney eating up a lot of those balls. Sort of a Houshmanzada type. We'll see based on the play-calling and personnel tendencies McD shows, once D.T. works his way in as an every down player (assuming he does).


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                Eddie was used as the primary X receiver last year and look how that worked out.


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                  Originally posted by I Eat Staples View Post
                  Eddie was used as the primary X receiver last year and look how that worked out.
                  For those that don't have the secret decoder ring, he means a WR split out far on the end - one of the two primary receivers, usually on the opposite side of the line as the Tight End.

                  As opposed to a slot receiver or a flanker.

                  In essence, the same thing I just said, but with the added terminology to make himself look cool.
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                    Thank goodness it's also the "X" button on Madden. Keeps it straight.


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                      Originally posted by 22cannon View Post
                      Eddie was never a number 1 receiver. He had Rod Smith in front of him and Shannon sharpe was featured as much or more than he was from game to game.
                      Yes but they also had a great QB named Elway passing to them as well...

                      Elway, Rod, Eddie MaC, Shannon, TD, those were the days.

                      Gaffney is a great receiver and you all will see that this year I watched him while he played for the Texans and I guess they couldn’t have him and Johnson on the same team but that would have been a great tandem
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