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Broncos 2010 Prediction 10-6

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    -Orton looks much improved and very confident in the system, and we have a better backup in Quinn if Orton can't stay healthy.

    -Moreno should have a better year after adjusting to the offense and the NFL level of play. I expect him to have a pretty good year, but not a huge year like some people think. He will have that chance the next year. Buckhalter is a good backup and I even like White as a power back.

    -The receivers are underrated. I expect Gaffney to have a big year and Royal to have a pretty good year in the slot with some younger guys getting sprinkled in. Graham is a good tight end, and I like Branson's versatility.

    -The offensive line will either be improved or a disaster due to the rookies and injuries. I think it will be a bit better assuming Clady, Kuper, and Harris are healthy.

    -I don't love the defensive line, but it should be better. Williams could make a big impact and I like that the line is now deeper. We will have a better rotation, keeping players fresh.

    -The linebackers are a solid group with the potential to be very good. The loss of Dumervil obviously is a big blow, but D.J. is a very good player, and Haggan should be a great fit in his new position. I think Ayers will be much improved in all areas. We need another OLB to step up. I am confident we will get at least decent play at the other OLB spot whether it's Moss, Hunter, or somebody else. Reid is hurt, but he is a solid versatile player if he comes back.

    -The secondary is top notch. Champ is still a great corner, Goodman is one of the best number 2s in the league, and we should finally see some solid nickle play from Jones or Cox. I would guess Jones, but Cox has great potential. Dawkins is no longer elite, but he's still a good safety. He brings outstanding leadership. Hill and McBath offer solid play at the other spot, with McBath potentially providing a ballhawking playmaker.

    -Prater is an elite kicker who provides points and field position and Colquitt looks like he could be a good punter. He has the pedigree, and he honestly can't be much worse than Berger. I like our coverage players. I like what I see from Cox as a return man. Royal is a good returner if he's forced to return, and Willis also offers potential.

    -McDaniels will have a year of experience under his belt and should avoid some of his previous mistakes. All of his players from last year have a year in the systems and should be more comfortable. He also continues to bring in players for his offense. Those factors should allow him to open up the playbook, having more variety in the offense. He can be more creative in his playcalling.

    -Opposing teams will initially not know what to expect from Martindale's defense. This gives us an element of surprise and could provide benefits in the early portion of the season.

    Maybe I'm just very optimistic, but I don't see how this team isn't improved from last year's. There are many factors that I find pointing to a better year. I'm predicting a 10-6 year.
    Go Broncos!!!:thumb:


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      I have them at 10-6 as well.

      Hooray, beer!


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        I will wait until AFTER the third preseason game to make a prediction.


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          its going to be a 9-7 season


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            Originally posted by JJGBPD View Post
            5-10??? Am I missing something? Just kidding.... I will be bleeding orange and blue all season and probably screaming and yelling at the TV during every game... but I fear 7-9 on the horizon. I just think age and injuries are going to hurt us. Go Broncos!
            Thanks for pointing that out. For some odd reason, I tend to do that all the time.

            I still keep to my 5-11 record. I dont have faith in McDaniels as a coach. Call me a hater or a Shanahan lover..whatever. I watched our team loaded with talent play a weaker opponent and lose. I've seen us replace a proven offensive genius (Shanahan) with a coach that took all the credit for Tom Brady's talent and watched our offense slowly turn into something you'd expect out of Detroit.

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              Too old at some positions and too young at others. Too many key players injured leaving little to no explosive play makers on the offensive and defensive side. Talent traded away without being replaced. It all adds up to 7-9

              "The Man, the Myth, the Legend"


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                I think 9-7 if everything falls are way i mean the ball always bounces are way...That’s not going to happen I’m really looking at a 6-10 year 7-9, I will be surprised if we are 8-8! And to be honest I don’t see us improving, better than 8-8, 9-7 anytime soon... I really believe we are in a true re-building time, look for not so great years for the next 2 to 3 years... 6-10 this year 8-8 the next year and maybe a 9 game winner the following year, it feels that everyone is getting better in our division but us... I say we are 3 years away before we are a 10 game winner again--and that’s if we draft good, and make good football decisions!! Top 10 drafts picks this year and next!!!


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                  I'm going with 6-10, and we'll struggle with every win.