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Will Mobley come back?

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    Originally posted by Uula Bear
    Yeah, I kinda thought she looked like Alba, but she looks different...a good different. Back to the subject...I think Mobley will come back.

    I remember what I was gonna say...I don't think the league should disipline players for what they do off the field. What they do off the field is their buisness.
    Lets talk about this.
    So unless they are drinking shots in their gatoraid bottle on the field.
    Or caught shooting up in the locker room.

    Or beating their wife in the parking lot.

    Or selling drugs to their teamates.

    Or jump up in the stands and knife someone.

    Or any of the really other stupid things that get them suspended or banned from the league.

    Anything goes for someone that the team has invested millions in as well as cap room and roster spot, as long as its not done on the job?
    I guess DUI is ok since most practice fields and stadiums are to small to get arrested in.

    The NFL and its owners have invested billions in the business and millions into image of their teams and the league.

    If you were Pat Bowlen, where would you really draw the line?
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