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    Originally posted by HidEmu View Post
    why the ef didnt we get Moss for a 3rd, jeez. How do these things fall into the lap of the vikings?
    maybe because we dont need a WR

    If I woulkd spenbd a 3rd rounder how about spending it in a RB or a Olineman that actually knows how to open spaces for the rushing?
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      The trade for Maroney is definitely puzzling. I think a lot of McD's moves pan out in the future, that is of course if they ever do seem to pan out.

      He knows the system and has shown some flashes in New England.

      I just hope he becomes a good compliment to Knowshon but I am definitely upset that we gave up a 4th for him.

      As far as a 3rd for Randy Moss goes, we were never going to get him.


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        Psh, its funny i live in mn and people are going nuts over this trade. Its all a money thing. Moss wants an extension, new england didnt give it to him nor do i think MN will jump the gun on an extension so i think moss will " slouch" it up in MN as well jmo. What i really dont understand is... you got guys like Mar Lynch,Will Parker, Larry Johnson. I would take anyone of these guys over Maroney anyday. Sounds like a McD New England thing too me?

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          Originally posted by Bernie24 View Post
          Well keep in mind Moss' contract is up next year and I don't think Bellicheck was going to resign him. So he got a 3rd round pick for him instead.
          If I'm not mistaken, so is Maroneys.


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            Originally posted by lolcopter View Post
            we didn't give up a 4th for maroney. we traded down from a 4th to a 6th

            not that difficult to understand

            but yeah, he still stinks
            Using that same logic, that's also what the Vikings did. They also recieved a 7th round pick in the deal.