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IMO if we are going to make the postseason, our Special Teams has got to play better.

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    Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
    I agree 110%. Luckily we were able to over come it, but that KO return by Mariani could have cost us the game. ALMOST cost us the game.

    The biggest issue I see is that we aren't staying in our lanes. We are pursing the ballcarrier, and once one block gets picked up when you make that mistake, it could spring the returner in a FLASH.

    Show some discipline special teams, stay in your lanes.

    On the positive side, we've had two unexpected turnovers thanks to our special teams.
    Good post. I totally agree that it is a real lack of discipline from our coverage units that is the root cause of the problem.


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      I agree our special teams hasen't been good since the Darien Gordan days and that was awhile ago.


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        Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
        I think as a team you'd fail if you didn't take the time you had to improve every facet of your game. From ST to O-line to DB's, and so forth and so on....

        Teams don't pick and choose what they want to improve before the next game. Could you even imagine?

        "Well, we need to make sure we keep the QB upright, and I don't think we can improve that and improve kick coverage at the same time, so I guess that's OUT the window."
        Reread the post. I said I was a firm believer in Special Teams and know how important they are. Ofcourse they work on more than one thing every week. I'm quite confident they work on Kick Off coverage every week. My best guess is they even work on something as trivial as run blocking every week.

        "Teams don't pick and choose what they want to improve before the next game." Gee ... I must be missing something. Then what does the term "game plan" mean?

        Why does Josh even show up at practice if it is a simple as; "Hey everybody ... we only have so many hours to practice before we play the Ravens with Ray Lewis and one of the most incredible beasts that has ever played on the front line of any team, but let's just concentrate on doing all the fundamentals of everything right, all the time, every game. Forget who you are up against. Oh... and hey ... all you first stringers that I asked to watch extra film on Ray Rice and company ... get over here and learn your lanes!"

        Ofcourse the Special Teams coaches are out there every practice. Has it dawned on you that their personnel may have changed week to week?
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