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THREE Different Broncos WRs threatening 1,000+ yd seasons

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    Originally posted by neckbeard View Post
    Thru 4 games -
    1. Brandon Lloyd - 454 yds, #2 in the NFL. On pace for 1816 yds!!!
    2. Eddie Royal - 299 yds, #13 in the NFL. On pace for 1196 yds!!!
    3. Jabar Gaffney - 240 yds #28 in the NFL. On pace for 960 yds!!!
    Id like McD to throw another one in the mix (DT) and see who gets there first.


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      To the person that was talking about Tennessee jumping the line, it was mostly due to the silent snap count. If you watch the game you can see. Orton taps the center in which means he is to look down at the ball. When he looks up, the ball is snapped. Tennessee was watching this and jumped the snap everytime.

      I noticed this while watching the game and it was confirmed when they talked about it on NFL network


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        Someone should send Jerry Angelo a bouquet of roses for letting us get Orton and Lloyd.'s earned, not given.



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          No way Lloyd is able to keep it up. 1816 would have him threatening Jerry Rice's record for a season of 1848. Someone will eventually gameplan Lloyd out for a few games.

          Now, three over 1000 is pretty achievable, which I dont know when the last time that happened was/if its happened.

          I think Ben Tate will be the best back taken in the 2010 draft. (5/3/10)
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            DT is slacking!

            3 WR's 1000+ yards? Been there done that.

            Now get 4 WR 1000+ yards and that is something to write home about~


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              Originally posted by Bronco51 View Post
              3 WR's threatening 1,000 yards receiving

              While we would be lucky to have 3 RB's threaten 100 yards rushing this season.
              LMAO at the 2nd out now!!


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                On pace stats suck... I remember after 3 or 4 games last season, DOOM was on pace for 37 sacks.


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                  Let's hope we can continue to throw the ball well, because we sure can't run it.

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                    Originally posted by d-bronx42 View Post
                    On pace stats suck... I remember after 3 or 4 games last season, DOOM was on pace for 37 sacks.
                    Uh oh, he obviously started to slack... and he's not even playing this year! Release him!


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