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Who Will Win The DEN @ BALT Game?

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    There's two parts of my brain

    the homer part says we'll squeak out a win. the impartial me says the ravens win by 8-13. My reasoning is pretty straight forward- Rice is getting healthier, our run game is atrocious, and goodman isnt 100%.

    But pessimism works for me. I have a real knack for saying the broncos will lose when theyll win (and vice versa looking at you jacksonville)


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      I thought this poll use to stay open until right before gametime last year and before that, oh well no big deal, I need to remember to get here sooner!!

      BRONCOS win by 1-3 points!!

      BRONCOS 16
      Ravens 13


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        Originally posted by jetrazor74 View Post
        The unstoppable force versus the immovable object.

        But they'll edge us out in the end, I think.

        Ravens 13
        Broncos 10
        Argh! Whats this! Ye must believe me boy. Thee Broncos will make them walk the plank! And you must check yerself me bucko...I smell a mutiny. Ahoy Go Broncos!