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Grade Jake week 5 vs Panthers

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    B, some dumb errors, but he came back and thats what I like.


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      Originally posted by O&B4life
      Stop trying to make things happen?? No that's what is great about Jake. How about stop forcing plays?
      Exactly, we need him make plays, just not at the expense of forcing something that isn't there.
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        This is my take on it.

        Jake wants to win...badly. Sometimes that desire pushes him to try and make something out of nothing sometimes.

        Jake tried to force a couple of plays when things were tight. But he should have never been in that position. If Champ and Rod Smith don't drop those passes on the goal line, Denver scored 2 TD's instead of 2FG's and the rout is on.

        On the Peppers INT, it was 4th down, nobody was open, Minter was about sack him, so he threw it up. If anything, that was bad play calling. Back-to-back rollouts on 3rd and 4th down is Shanny and Kubiak's fault. The defense had that play smelled out. All 3 receivers were covered, so Jake tried to make a play...what else was he supposed to do, throw it away?

        However, the 2nd INT was a bonehead play made at a time when Jake was pressing because Denver was behind.

        But the guy is making plays when it's needed most. That pass to Lelie was beautiful. The guy's got guts and that's more than I can say for Bob Griese's kid.
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