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    OBF - come on down...There really is no excuse to not get to come see a game...really.

    Common misconceptions, broken....

    #1 - Tickets are impossible to get, since the stadium has been sold out for years...And even if I could get a ticket it'd be wayyy too expensive

    False!! Tickets are still pretty easy to get & pretty affordable. There are the half price tickets that go on sale at the beginning of the season & there are usually somewhere around 300 tickets returned & released to the public the wednesday or thursday before a game.

    Even if you can't get those tickets, I have the contact information for a ticket broker who is really reasonable with her rates.

    #2 - I wouldn't know anyone, wouldn't know where to go & would get lost in the big city....

    False! As a Bronco fan you are welcomed into Denver with open arms - Everyone is your friend (except for the few exiled fade fans that escaped prison...) and most everyone is ready to help you out. I have information that I'm working on typing up right now (and working on discounts with various places) that I can provide you with information about how to get around town, or even help you around town myself.

    #3 - It's too expensive to get to Denver & stay there...

    There are good hotel & airline rates everywhere. I'm working on, as part of the discounts, getting a discounted rate hotel room for our visitors.

    Oregon is not that far away - We just had a guy from England come in for the Panthers game...Last year for the Browns game we had a visitor from New Zealand.

    You know what I'd really like to see? I'd like it if we started cheering during the opposing team's offensive huddle. It seems like the crowd gets really fired up AFTER the QB audibles. We should be making it tough on him in the huddle. I think it would make him more hesitant to change the play if it was ALREADY deafening... but I know that's a lot to ask. I'm pretty sure we could make that happen in a playoff game, tho.
    I know exactly what you mean -- I try to make noise through it all & end up getting dirty looks & told to sit down. There are all those TV timeouts, which really can mess up the game (challenges, etc!) as well as the huddle time that nobody seems to make a single noise. At the Chargers game, my friend & I were pretty well buzzed, so we were up & screaming & shaking our thangs (and our pompons!) even through the timeouts...We were trying to get the crowd going, but they just wouldn't...One guy finally yelled at us "We'll make noise in 30 seconds". Why wait?