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Playoffs still in reach with a powderpuff schedule

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    Originally posted by MH Stampede View Post

    3-6 says we aren't good. That is really the only stat that counts.
    It's a stat.

    Taken out of context and without attention to injuries, misques, and so on.

    Bad teams don't score 35 points in 18 minutes.


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      I think it basically comes down to two things.

      1. The team that wins the games they should win, or in the Raiders case lose the games I think they should lose, will take the AFC West.

      If this happens then

      2. The Den vs SD games will decide the division

      If Denver Sweeps, they take it
      If SD Sweeps, they take it
      If it is split, then KC takes it

      I detailed the win-loss predictions that leads me to this conclusion in the thread linked below
      Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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        Let's face it - the Chargers are the runaway favs to win the division still (look at the odds at any book site if you dont believe me).

        That being said, this division is up for grabs without a doubt. If the Broncos can somehow beat a rested, healthier, confident SD team on the road in primetime, than I think those odds can turned upside down. Would be quite an accomplishment.

        Orton can sure throw and, despite the Bolts lofty ranking, their pass defense was mediocre against Houston. If they cant pressure Orton, it could be a doggone shootout.

        However, one more thing y'all might have forgotten...SD is 32-5 after october and 17-0 in december since 2006. They are used to this situation. not.