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RoD SMith will this guy ever get the Credit he deserves?

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    The link

    That link you sent was only to the Video section of the Broncos website...I want the interview and they don't have it on there. All they have are the post-game press conferences with Shanahan and Portis.
    Is Atwater around? Terrell Owens needs a SMACK DOWN!


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      I cant find it either.


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        What a great interview that was! That's the way to shut up a big mouth egotistical player who is bitter because he didn't have the heart while he was in Denver. It's not Shannahans fault that he found the will to play after he left here. Rod Smith knows how to tell it. He's someone who usually stays quiet, but made a great point. I think the Chiefs have gotten way ahead of themselves and Rod Smith sent the message, you can be 15-1 but the playoffs are a whole new season. And if you don't have that ring at the end of the season, then who cares what your record was all year! Way to be Rod! It was evident that it pissed Portis off! He tore it up!