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Why the Bronco/Raider game is sooo important

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    I'm not kidding! Somebody hire him now, quick, while he still knows it all, before he grows up!
    - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

    Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!


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      Originally posted by BRONCOS_OWN_U16
      if the broncos can score more points than the raiders we can win

      What a Profound thought!


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        you know i was just kidding


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          god guys, he was kidding.. I thought it was a funny remark!!

          Not to mention I happen to agree... IF we can score more points, we WILL win!! I guarentee it!


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            Establishing the run against this sorry defense won't really inspire me to believe our run game is back.

            What I'm looking for really is for completed passes (stop dropping the damn ball), sustained drives and to see if we can put more than 17 points on the board at some stage this season.

            The Raiders aren't TERRIBLE against the run, but they're not good either. If we manage to run I won't give it much in terms of "this proves we're back on course" - failing to run however will make me very nervous.

            Just... sustain drives, put up points, and manage the clock. That's what I'm after. Oh, and our defense should eat that offense alive.



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              He brings up a couple of good points.

              If the inability of the running game to pound it out in the red zone is bad? Where is the condemnation of the receivers that are dropping passes that are catchable? Perhaps I missed it over the past week or so. After re-watching the last game I realized that Rod, Watts, asshley and Champ had sure catches that they dropped.
              My definition of a sure catch is on that the receivers handS touch the ball. Some are just more difficult than others. That is what they are paid to do.