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  • Originally posted by broncoFan! View Post
    The difference between Peyton Manning and Kyle Orton is simple. One is a franchise SB winning, playoff winning, winner all around QB and one is a mediocre QB at best. We gave Kyle Orton a top defense and we had a top running game in 2009 and we still barely beat teams that went on to win one playoff game. Like the Cowboys.

    Like TKH said you've ignored all the mistakes that Kyle Orton has made and supplanted them with memories that you choose to focus on. It's like Inception or something where you replace Kyle Orton with all the bad memories. Anyway I'm done with this thread. If you didn't watch the Baltimore game, the KC game, the Cardinals game, the San Francisco game, the Chargers game, the Colts game and on and on then I can't help you. I'm going to bow out of this thread politely while I still have my reputation behind me.

    Happy new year and God Bless!!! :wave:
    I don't ignore Kyle's mistakes. But why should I bother to mention them? A
    bunch of you do a thorough job already, and many of such claims are
    exaggerated as it is. So I don't feel the need to mention them on this board.
    Were I to write up an analysis where only I am commenting, then, yes, I
    would mention his mistakes. But not here. Don't need to.

    Nonetheless, I don't understand your comparison between Kyle and Manning.
    Even Kyle will give you that. He was asked before the Indy game last year
    about how he expected to stack up against Manning, and he quickly and
    abruptly retorted, "Peyton is a Hall of Fame quarterback."

    Yet, if you remember, he passed toe-to-toe with Manning in that game with
    277 yards, a 70% comp rate, and a 95 QBR.

    And I have seen nearly every game Kyle has played, beginning in the 2008
    season, and some of the 2005 ones. FYI

    Good night.



    • Closed for cleaning.


      • Cleaned.

        We'll say the same thing here we've been saying in other threads recently:

        The petty squabbles need to stop. Just because something doesn't break the word-for-word rules doesn't mean we're unaware of antagonistic or intentionally aggravating posts.

        We realize this is going to require some adjustment in posting style for some people.

        We wish each of you a speedy adaptation.


        • Look, if Orton had delivered on a last year of his contract with a strong season, and a strong winning record, he would probably be in line to get a 45-55 million over 6 or 7 year contracts as a second contract in the NFL.

          Instead, he is fighting for his job, his head coach has canned him, and damaging news that McDaniels tried to trade him ere the Season began have brought down his value significantly.

          So I think what he is doing is understandable, even if it isn't particularly team oriented. The Broncos FO is always going to spin (and ask players to spin) a message in a team friendly way. So while Kyle was saying he was not threatened by Tebow in person, according to the media now, he was "seething".

          These guys are people. When Kyle was on, he was no where near as great as the Broncos FO and moderators on this forum insisted he was. When he is down, he is no where near as bad as the Tebowites claim.

          Instead he remains a good quarterback. One that has feelings and a life, not just the caricature that the TV and fans make him out to be.


          • I see it like this. If a reporter asked Tebow what he thought of Orton's performance of the last 2 games do you think Tebow would have said what Orton said? I doubt it. All Orton had to say was Tebow is progressing well and then beat him during training camp if he is the better QB, simple right?


            • Originally posted by KO8pectate View Post
              what excuse did I make ? This thread was about Orton declining to talk about something he hasnt discussed in 2 years

              As I said before some things you just cant hide here we are again .
              Go back through the thread, and you will find where someone posted some of Orton's quotes about teammates and other players.....including quotes talking about Tebow by name.

              You may want to check your facts before spouting off.


              • We just cleaned this thread for it getting personal, petty, and degrading into a bunch of childish squabbling.

                We're going to keep doing it.

                It's highly recommended that the focus be on the topic rather than on each other.


                • Originally posted by Denver Mike View Post

                  Watch him go to Minnesota with a new Coach and tear it up with Sidney Rice and AP
                  Minnesota would be a good fit for him.

                  Good like, great runner, excellent receivers, good defense. He wouldnt be the focus of the team, or even the offense.

                  I think he would really thrive there.


                  • For Orton to even say "No comment, I don't comment on the play of others".......

                    -you know he's seething inside about it. His reaction to the question was outside his media persona that we all came to know these 2 past seasons. He always was a stand up pro and even when he had to endure tortuous pressers after losses he always beared each and every question asked never instigating or propagating drama.

                    Frankly it is a story she's reported because the way I see it, the writing is on the wall for Orton and he knows it too and here he is again not getting the respect he thinks he's earned -just like CHI

                    So yes I understand and don't fault him for his reaction at all but by Orton saying "no comment" - he's saying a lot, Glad she reported that. It's so hard to know what's going to be around here anymore that every little clue helps.
                    Red 98

                    Kareem rises to the top


                    • Originally posted by Denver Mike View Post
                      The only thing that makes me sad is I really like Orton.. I think if he was put into a winning system such as Pittsburg or New England he'd be a monster.. But then again those systems are winning because of the Quarterbacks in place. Here is what I found at Denver Post

                      wrong, prime example would be matt cassell for NE and stewart/batch for Pitts. Those backup qb still win games when brady and ben was out. So these two team can win with or without their starting qb.


                      • Originally posted by chazoe60 View Post
                        I've never seen more excuses heaped on a more mediocre player. The dude didn't have a problem earlier in the season talking about the running game. Pretty sure I remember a couple comments about how the team needs to run the ball better, isn't that talking about other players' play?
                        He's going to end up being a problem if he isn't handed the starting spot and an even bigger problem if he is.
                        I know I roll my eyes when I see the same sense of entitlement from Jake Plummer after he got benched. The guy seems to think his play was totally fine (Plummer was really stinking up the place though, much worse then Orton) when in reality it wasn't.

                        He feels like he's shown enough to be the man around here. While I don't think he has to be happy he got benched, I'd rather not see any signs of jealousy. The "no comment" remark seems a bit eyebrow raising but it's not quite full blown like Plummer's "there was nothing wrong with my play" comments that he goes on about to this very day.

                        If Orton feels entitled, I hope he's smart enough to let that be that and simply move on if the team should move him.
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                        You've got to know when to sack em...


                        • I get Orton being upset about being benched. I would be shocked and surprised if he wasn't.

                          He should still put on the team first face when in public though.


                          • Originally posted by watha? View Post
                            wrong, prime example would be matt cassell for NE and stewart/batch for Pitts. Those backup qb still win games when brady and ben was out. So these two team can win with or without their starting qb.
                            That thought also hit me.. Look what Cassel did in New England's conditions. Imagine what Orton could do.


                            • Originally posted by PowderAddict View Post
                              I get Orton being upset about being benched. I would be shocked and surprised if he wasn't.

                              He should still put on the team first face when in public though.
                              Somehow playing with bruised ribs and essentially forfeiting 2 games is easier than saying "He's developing and I'm here to help".
                              When 303 calls... you answer.


                              I thought you guys meant this Coach Fox!


                              • Originally posted by BluenOrnge4Life View Post

                                Talked to Orton in the locker room. He declined to talk about Tebow's 2 starts. "I don't comment on other guys' play," Orton said.

                                Cool, Kyle. :thumb:
                                What Lindsay
                                failed to mention was that KO said that while rubbing Ben Gay into Timmy's cup, right after he took a dump in Tebow's helmet...
                                "That's a crap question."
                                - Kyle Orton