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Can you spell D-O-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N ???

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    i would like to see us play a 'high powered" Offensive team. be a great test for our great "D"....

    GO BRONCOS.......


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      hiw can you be worried about the high powered offenses? Champ will hang with harrison. Not Shut him down, but be on par with him. With walls and herndon, we can hang with stokely and wayne. kenoy and john can help out over the top. we got this. Hell, DJ can cover any TE in the league if need be. Plus, Pryce will be back by then (Unless he breaks his leg or someting) and our D Line rotation will keep manning in the dirt all day. Manning is pretty easily rattled, so if we can get to him a few times, its feasting time.
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        It was more then just a showcase of the Defensive powerhouse in DEN but it also gave everybody a look about the DEN offense and Jake Plummer was the 8th QB in the NFL in Yards bfore the gme. It also gave peole a shot to see Shanahan is a RB genius and that the doubters of the Portis trade are dead wrong, even Salisbury
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          Re: Re: Re: Can you spell D-O-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N ???

          Originally posted by Javalon
          I think we'd do fairly well against the Patriots. I'm actually more worried about the Colts (and the Vikings if we played them). I think we can handle normal offenses but those high-powered passing offenses still greatly concern me.
          Couldn't agree with you more. We were a Deltha O'neal coverage mistake away from ruining the Pats beloved winning streak.

          Shutting down the Colts/Vikings requires constant pressure from your D-line and right now we don't get that consistently. This is why I cringe at us being rated as having the "Number 1 Defense"


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            Originally posted by DeuceOfClub
            BTW; I think Gannon career is over:



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              How bout the play of our most recent pickups?
              They both got a sack on collins, if I'm not mistaken.
              Just think how much more improved we'll be once TP gets healthy.....
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