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    Re: Re: Denver Defense Rank

    Originally posted by UltimateSoldier
    Those are some great stats, but the thing I think was more important was the fact that they played well on all three phases and they played as a team. I also liked the fact that they showed some killer instinct and put the team away.
    We may not have played upper echelon teams but look at the players we have played and kept in check.

    1) Foster - Out 6 weeks
    2) Holmes - Had to change his goal of 2000 after the Den game.
    3) Tomlinson - Was that him or is cousin out there Either way neither one showed up
    4) Brad Johnson - isn't starting since our game
    5) Oak - The Fans would have rather seen Tui at QB than the young woman who was playing on saturday
    6) Jac - We would be 6 - 0 had Q not wrapped up an early x-mas present.

    This list here show our defenses domination so far and next week we are basicly playing a rookie QB so the DB's should be licking their chops this week.


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      Yes statistically they are very good, but I would bet my last dollar that Coyer and Shanahan would still like to see more turnovers. As I have said before getting turnovers can win you two maybe three games a season. Also teams that are on the plus side of turnovers make usually the playoffs

      I agree wholeheartedly!

      I just feel that the turnovers will come when they come. When you are playing tough D--they'll eventually come.

      In the meantime, it doesn't hurt to have the top-ranked D in terms of yards and 2nd-ranked D in points allowed.


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        kinda odd seeing all these ppl still skeptical about our defense

        I mean, hell look how good we were last year, and when you add Lynch and Champ to the mix, a more experienced Walls, and a top notch rookie linebacker, I can't see why ppl wouldn't be sold on them. I'm not surprised at all about our defense compared to the rest of the league.


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          I'm sold! The D is awesome in my opinion.

          I think at this point the team is starting to gel all the way around. Usually a team that brings in free agents takes a few games to start to play well together and it couldn't have came at a better time.

          I am pumped about this season!

          "Gateway leading to the AFC West"