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    Originally posted by ufgatorphil View Post
    Sorry but I have to agree that an elite defense is more important than an elite QB. The easy obvious example is Marino. Arguably one of the best, never won. Favre, who many think is one of the best, did win one, but just as much credit goes to Reggie White and the D-line and the huge kick return by Desmond Howard (I could also say Dorsey Levens ran well, but that's debatable).

    The New England, NY Giant, and Pittsburgh Super Bowls were more defense than elite QB. I will give you that Big Ben had a big drive, but that game was changed by the defensive play before the half that was essentially a 14 point swing. That play was made by the Pittsburgh defense. I will also add that the Baltimore defense won them theirs, but nobody would dispute that.

    As far as Dallas and Denver go, I would argue that the running games were more important than the QBs on those teams, but what you can't argue is that those teams played really good defense. There is just more proof throughout time (Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh in the 70's, ) of defense being more important.

    When the offense has been more important, it has seemed to have more to do with inventive offenses (St. Louis, San Fran) than elite QBs. We could argue Montana, but Bill Walsh came up with an offense (west coast) that nobody had seen. Same for the Martz Greatest Show on Turf. I just can't think of an example where a QB was the main or sole reason, but I can for defense. Sorry this was so long.
    Also what stops an elite QB? ^^^^^^^^^