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Which 5-0 can beat us?

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  • Which 5-0 can beat us?

    Which 5-0 Team right now will be the toughest test for the Broncos. While our offense is good, it has the tendancy to underproduce (though we addressed that this week). New England is starting to score more, Philly is rolling and the Jets are streaking. Is our defense good stop Philly? Can we play a perfect game in New England?
    New England
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    i think the eagles could beat us right now...truthfully


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      I think Philly would be the toughest, then the Patriots, then the Jets...However, I don't think we play any of these teams, so we'll have to beat the Jets in the first round, then the pats in the AFC championship, and then the Eagles in the super bowl.

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        I think the Patriots are the biggest threat. I believe we could beat the other two.

        I think we would have the toughest time of it with New England, and even that's a toss-up.



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          I think any of them are capable of beating us. However, I think we are more than capable of beating them as well.
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            Honestly I think all of them can beat us. NE would do it by 7 NY would do it by 10 and Philly would do it by 3. However I do agree with TXbronc that we could beat them as well because our defense is better than last year. I would like to see what we could do against a good team, execpt Jacksonville. oops
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              the Jets have played no one good and barely beat the 49ers.. how do you spell overrated?

              Eagles are flashy but we'll never play them because they will choke out in the NFC championship game anyway.

              I voted for the Pats because they play as a team and know how to win ugly.
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                We would spank the Jets

                Depends on the other two where we play. In Denver we would beat the Pats (we always play well against them, even last year we should have won with Danny Kanell!!), In Foxboro I think we still would give them a good game, and might still win!

                In Denevr I think we beat philly, but in philly we probably lose.

                I think Philly is the best of the three.


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                  I think if we played a defensive strategy sorta like what the Pistons did against the Lakers and Shaq, only with Owens and McNabb we could beat them defensivly... Let Owens score all he wants, but play really tight D against the rest of their Offense.

                  The idea being, that how many TDs does Owens average? 1-2? on anywhere from 3-8 catches? Let him have those 1-2 TDs and we can still out gun the rest of their team with our offense. Besides i think Champ can D up against by himself Owens, no need to double him up (he proved he can play against big men like Tony Gonz, the best TE in the league now).

                  Thats just my two cents... but if im wrong, at least my job isnt on the line
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                    We could beat any one of these teams, but the one that would be the toughest right now would be the Eagles. They can score alot of points on offense through the air, and they have a very good defense as well.
                    That would be a great game to watch, and it would surely go back and forth late into the game. The deciding factors would be the location of the game and turnovers.
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                      i think philly has best chance against us but we can still beat them. just double team TO with lynch and bailey. their other receivers aren't that good


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                        why don't you have an option for 'none of the above'?

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                          We could beat all three. All three could beat broncos.

                          I'm not sold on the Jets--I see them as the easiest of the three.

                          We always match up well against Pats--don't know why. I think they are tougher than the Jets, but we'll see next week!!

                          The Eagles seem toughest to me. They are the kind of tough, physical team that always seems to give the broncos fits (Crows, TB, Jax, etc). One difference this year is that our D is also very tough (so far). This strikes me as the closest game.


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                            the Jets aren't that great. They're gonna be humbled when they play the Pats. I think Philly can beat anyone right now though. My top five teams in the nfl goes like this:
                            Denver/Indianapolis (If Droughns keeps racking up the yards, this will change. Our defense is so much incredibly better than theirs)


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                              eh...I actually change that. Minnesota 5th and Pitt 6th.