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Which 5-0 can beat us?

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    Good poll. I think that PHI has the best shot. NE has been on a 20 game win streak for bout 55 weeks but the birds have made it to the NFC title game 3 straight which hadn't happened since the Steelers of old. Eagles have McNabb and Owens one of the best QB-WR combos this season plus a defense that has shut down Culpepper in Wk 2.

    Its hard to beat NE but we've met them last year and two years before that so we sort of know their grounds. Im pickin the Eagles
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      On a neutral field. I honestly think the Eagles could take us. Nobody is gunna shut down TO, and they have a descent running game. Their D is playing well too. I think this team has the best chance at beating us. Simply because of X Factor players they have.

      I really don't think the Pat's can beat us right now. They are very deep, but not good enough anywhere on offense to score consistantly enough on us. Their defense would give us problems, so it would be a good game either way.

      The Jets wouldn't beat us as far as I can see. Maybe later on down the road.


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        THe Eagles beat the Panthers that you guys strugled with so much 30-8

        they were 2 min away from a shutout.

        O, and Donovan and Terrell didn't even show up for that game, and we still got 30 points. Just wait till the whole team gets rolling on the smae day, no one is close

        sorry Broncos, your a worthy #2 team in the NFL, but he EAgles are just too good.
        Eagles own u


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          Best team in the League. I'll give you that one, but comparing teams that said teams in question have played never works.


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            Originally posted by ChupaThingy
            I think if we played a defensive strategy sorta like what the Pistons did against the Lakers and Shaq, only with Owens and McNabb we could beat them defensivly... Let Owens score all he wants, but play really tight D against the rest of their Offense.

            The idea being, that how many TDs does Owens average? 1-2? on anywhere from 3-8 catches? Let him have those 1-2 TDs and we can still out gun the rest of their team with our offense. Besides i think Champ can D up against by himself Owens, no need to double him up (he proved he can play against big men like Tony Gonz, the best TE in the league now).

            Thats just my two cents... but if im wrong, at least my job isnt on the line
            o, you mean like the Panthers did in there 30-8 loss.

            Basketball is a totaly diferent sport, but McNabb is good at that too

            Originally posted by DrunkPanda
            i think philly has best chance against us but we can still beat them. just double team TO with lynch and bailey. their other receivers aren't that good
            like I said befor, that is what the Panthers did, you double team TO and Westbrook, Lewis and LJ will kill you from the backfeild. You stop them and McNabb will run all over you (Packers)
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            Eagles own u