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Dez Bryant vs. Demaryius Thomas

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    Didn't Dez end up on IR?

    Demaryius to me was under utilized.

    He had that big game against the Seahawks then once Lloyd began to emerge just about every one of our receivers was under utilized.

    Now go get your shine box


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      Originally posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
      I see ur point, but I think ALLLLL of that is more on McDummy....he didn't let him run any routes, he didn't let him go deep as much as he should've, he didn't even PLAY him as much as he should've, the dude could never find a rhythm except for his 1st game...and I saw some things there that trump anything I've seen from Bryant, the dude above me all on his jock is trippin....Dez is a damn clown and sets a garbage example, even if Thomas never does JACK I'm STILL happier we picked him cuz he ain't a grungy P.O.S! he's someone I can actually be proud to root for, he's a good guy...

      beyond all that tho, yes he was injury prone, but yet again, why the hell did mcdummy put him on KR, he is NOT that type of receiver who can return and he will never be, he isn't agile enough, he is a Randy Moss type who can always demand 2 defensive players and when the D wants to get aggressive and leave him 1v1 vs a corner, you throw it up immediately every time and watch the corner eat it...I put my money on Thomas to be a great in the game very...very soon
      I couldnt disagree more... DT proved this season that he is just a one trick pony. Some of you talk about him like he has some super human abilities...When in fact he is just a big guy with a bit of straight line speed. He isn't a match up nightmare, and I think most CB's could handle him easily 1vs1. I also do not buy the McD didn't use him properly or enough BS... mcD was on the hot seat from week 1 (hell from the moment he traded cutler). You really think that he would hold a guy back that is as good as you say? Sure he looked good in the live practice, but that was also against our stellar D. As for the "I like DT's character" argument better..... What does that mean? What has Dez done? He didn't carry the vets pads. So what I like that he had the balls to sack up and do what he wanted. I got no problem with making the overrated vet carry his own pads. He went to deions house... Again so what. Show me any college player out there that isnt getting kick backs. Dez has been black balled. Calling him a bad character guy when he does these little things... When look at our team and the issues we have... DJ, Doom,Cox,and Maroney all did fr greater things that ez, not to mention that dez never broke the law. Yet dez has character issues, while Doom and DJ are saints...
      Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


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        Thomas was always a project player in my eyes. Dez is easily the better football player right now, but I think Thomas can at least get close to his ability. If he can do so, it's always nice to have a good WR who isn't crazy.


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          Originally posted by phaytal View Post
          Patrick Crayton. What a tool.

          Jealous that Bryant put up bigger numbers in his rookie year than you have in your 7 year career, even with Bryants injuries?
          This... First, Crayton is an ass bag. Over the course of his career in Dallas he was given multiple opportunities to prove he could be a #2 or #3 WR and couldnt do it. He was traded BECAUSE of Bryants production and the only reason that happened is bacause SD was so desperate for a WR. I think he may have been cut outright if it werent for the Chargers saving his ass.
          As far as the trade rumors involving Dez, as expected, Steven Jones denied it immediatelty. Naturally it was big talk around here (San Antonio). And lastly, there is just way too much throwing the "if" word around regarding Thomas. If he can stay healthy... thats a pretty big deal dont ya think? Besides, I think Bryant is far more dynamic than Thomas. Dont get me wrong, I wouldnt have drafted Bryant because I think he's a punk and Im sure much of what Crayton said was true but he will work through them most likely and be a pretty good WR in the NFL. When he finally gets his head on straight, if indeed he does, he will be one of the most dangerous. Cris Carter went through a lot of crap in the beginning of his NFL career too. So, let someone else draft him, put up with his immature crap for his first 3 or 4 years and then when he leaves Dallas, sign him then.

          But today Bryant is a better WR even with his behavior issues and long term will probably pan out to be MUCH better. Thats my opinion anyway.


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            Originally posted by Broncoholic3233 View Post

            I did.

            Dez Bryant is the tool. All Crayton (its called a mis-type, happens when you are on your phone ) said was that Dez got special treatment.
            Dont be a schlep. Crayton is just pissed that the Cowboys dropped him for a bigger, stronger, more talented rookie, that put up bigger numbers in 11 games than Crayton has in his entire career. Of course Bryant is going to get a bit of special treatment. He was the Cowboys #1 pick that was wrecked with injuries. Crayton is an extremely average receiver that is butt hurt he got replaced.

            Also, the R is nowhere near the L on any phone...