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    Originally posted by Alastor View Post
    End of conversation.

    If I had to start today with building a new franchise, and I could take any player in the history of the Denver Broncos to be my first player, it wouldn't be John Elway.

    It would be Tom Jackson. The one, the only, the emotional heart and soul of the Orange Crush Defense.

    "It's all over fat man!"

    He made us great at a time we shouldn't even have been good.

    Elway could toss the pill. That's for sure. But Tom Jackson made a bad team good - on both sides of the ball, every single day.

    He never got in trouble. Not once. Not ever. He has remained a very public figure his entire life, and has never once been on the wrong side of the news reel.

    You can build a franchise around a quarterback like Elway, but you can build a dynasty around someone like Tom Jackson.

    Anybody who experienced the Broncos of the 70's, will say Tom Jackson and I agree. However, you cannot simply equate leadership with those who are vocal. Other leaders of the time of equal importance to TJ is Gradishar, Billy Thompson, Floyd Little, Rubin Carter. During the successful time of the 80's, I would definitely include Mecklenberg, Bishop. I love TJ and Elway but there were other very important people in that clubhouse.