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With Sharpe in the HOF, who should be next?

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  • It SHOULD be Randy Gradishar. To this day he is the greatest player in the history of the Broncos not named John Elway, and for my money he was the best ILB/MLB I ever saw play (yes even better than Jack Lambert, and Ray Lewis).

    However, I have a soft spot for The Albino Rhino, Karl Mecklenburg. I have never seen a player more versatile than Meck. The man was a 5 time all pro, and a six time pro bowler, and he never really had a set position. He would play every position on the front seven in any single game. If a one dimensional player like Andre Tippett can get in there has to be a spot for a player like Meck. Plus, I think he has the coolest nick-name in the history of sports.
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    • Interesting reply by MmKay Clayton's Mailbag Q and A on

      Q: You're a Hall of Fame voter. Thinking about Denver running backs, do you think Terrell Davis was a better player than Floyd Little? Little is in the Hall, but Davis probably won't get there. Little was a good player, but he doesn't seem as good as other players who are denied induction. Am I undervaluing Little?

      Mark in Seattle

      A: Little made it as a senior candidate, going 25 years of eligibility without being selected. Don't forget Little's importance in establishing the legitimacy of the Broncos as a franchise when it was in its formative years. Davis had a great short run as a running back, but his rushing totals don't stack up with the all-time greats. I just wish Davis would have had a longer career. If he did, he might be in the Hall. You are probably undervaluing Little. In his case, it goes beyond the numbers.
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      • Originally posted by Chillez View Post
        Randy Gradishar and Steve Atwater.
        I'm fully on board with this post. But I think we need to add Tom Nalen's name to these other two great players.


        • Originally posted by Crazy8 View Post
          I'm fully on board with this post. But I think we need to add Tom Nalen's name to these other two great players.
          For whatever reason against them, Broncos really seem to have a hard time getting in the HOF.

          Yeah Elway was a slam dunk, WHY did it take Sharpe this long? Zimm......meh 1/2 his career was with Minnesota..Little as a Veterans selection was crap... he earned the front door not the waitstaff entrance.

          Grads should have been in 20 years ago, Wright.... wright after Grads.....

          IMHO TD will get in because he rushed for 2k yards, Nalen wont..... Not talking to the media will hurt him too much.

          Atwater and Smith will be Veterans picks........

          Rod Smith- Holds records that will never be touched by another "Undrafted player" so he should get in too.

          The biggest thing is that Denver does not exist in the pre- ESPN world
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          • Meck IMO is the most overlooked player on the Broncos.

            Billy Thompson is another

            TD deserves to also get in and probably will eventually

            Elam will be next no matter who I list

            Besides that Rod maybe the only player we can make a legit case for.

            Some want Frank Tripucka since he threw the first TD for the AFL
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            • 2,049 (unofficial) NFL tackles. Randy Gradishar was a goal line monster, ball hawking, tackling machine.

              Unfortunately his final year of HOF eligibility was in 2009 (I think), so in order for him to get in it WILL have to come from the veterans committee.