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    Boulware has looked good at SAFETY.. (laughs because so manythought we should have drafted Boulware for our LB needs), but he isn't going to be up for DROY awards. Plus he's hurt. I think Sean Taylor is looking really good. I don't get to watch every Washington game, so I can't say that he's playing better or worse than DJ.

    I know I would LOVE to pull up those Draft posts again... cause you would see me saying over and OVER again how we needed to go LB in the first round, and how I was HOPING it would be DJ Williams. Not blowing my own horn, but Im just thrilled he has turned out so well....especially since the injuries we had in our LB corp last year.


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      Im extatic we got DJ, and cant think of any one else I'd rather have at this point. We needed a solid replacement for Mobley and this is what we got, and outstanding young LB from, a-hem, THE U, and hes a hard hitter and very smart. If he doesnt get DROY i'll be a little disapointed, but it wont take away from the great things hes going to do for this franchise.


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        I think that we are very fortunate to end up with DJ.

        There were multiple scenarios in which we could have got someone else, namely Stphen Jackson, who would have undoubtedly been a superstar in this system, but Mike stuck to his guns and drafted DJ.

        He may well end up being the best player on this defense....and that is saying ALOT.
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        What's so funny is seeing all this mess that the Donks and the fans have placed on themselves. Can you say Raiders.

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        True comedy is observing the Self Imploding Organization that is the Raiders and then asking yourself this question:

        What separates them (Raiders) from us (Chargers)

        Answer: Championships.


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          We lucked out picking up D.J. soon as I heard we got him i thought he'd be a stud. As soon as saw him in the H.O.F. game I KNEW he would be a stud. Heres hoping he continues for the rest of the season without injury etc.


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            The way he's looking right now he could be something very special.
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            My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

            Thanks Snk16