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  • Cincinatti Game Thread

    Alright everyone, lets break it down.

    We've got:

    the #1 defense in the league.
    the #1 rushing offense in the league.
    a 5-1 record
    and a "new" powerhouse runner

    they've got:

    the #32 rushing defense in the league
    the #25 offense in the league
    a 1-4 record

    I know on paper this looks like a blowout, but I couldn't stand to see a letdown. Any word whether Kitna will be playing? If so, he could pose some problems for us. He's better than Palmer. he had a great year last year, and this game is AT Cincy.

    What's your take?

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    agreed.... if we play like we played against the raiders the score will be jacked like 48-7


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      This is the most winable game thus far.....and thats what scares me. We SHOULD win something like 32-6 but it will probably be 24-14. Either way, I just want to be 6-1 and watch the Chiefs and Faiders lose AGAIN!!!!! Another cat for our trophy room!

      Are you ready for some football? Monday night Party?

      GO BRONCOS!!!


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        Heads up guys. These are the games that we usually lose. Especially coming off a huge divisional win. Can anyone say Chicago?
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          IMO broncos are running right now with a full head of steam number 1 defense giving them some confidence droughns tearing up the turf, i dont think theyll lose this game im not worried.


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            Right now the line is between 5.5 - 6.5 (let's call it 6) and the over/under is 43.5.

            The Broncos are:

            - 14-2-1 ATS in Game Seven
            - 4-1 ATS after Raiders
            - 1-4 ATS on Monday night
            - 2-4 ATS on Monday night as the Road Favorites
            - 1-8 ATS on Monday night versus opponent off of back-to-back straight up losses
            - 10-16-2 ATS as the away team right after one away game

            Kind of a mixed bag of good and bad; a lot like last week, and we all saw what happened in Oakland.

            Bengals' trends coming soon...
            Winter is Coming!


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              As promised... (like anybody cares)

              The Bengals are:
              • 5-2 ATS (against the spread) as underdogs
              • 1-5 ATS as underdogs of less than 10 points versus an opponent off a SU (straight up) win of more than 10 points
              • 4-0-1 ATS at home (under Marvin Lewis) vs opponent off a SU win
              • 13-2 ATS at home vs opponent off SU away win
              • 4-1 ATS as underdogs vs opponent off SU & ATS wins
              • 0-0 on Monday Night as home underdogs :p
              • 0-6 on Monday Night against non division opponent
              • 6-0 to the OVER on Monday Night vs non division opponent

              Again, I'm taking this from Marc Lawrence of the Football News magazine. I've included everything that applies to this game; much more than previous weeks.

              What it means? I don't know. The mix of good and bad for both the Broncos and Bengals is very similar to how we matched up trend-wise with the Raiders. Looking solely at these trends you might surmise that the Broncos will beat the Bengals by less than 6 points in a game which has a combined score of more than 43 points.

              My gut feeling is that we'll easily cover the spread and that the "under" is more likely. (i.e. 42-0 )

              Go Broncos!!!
              Winter is Coming!


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                Having a dominating defense like we have, keeps you in every game. Its just up to the offense to score enough points and limit the turnovers. The only way we lose this game is if we turn the ball over 5+ times, and get no turnovers back.
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