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Yea I would say we got a good deal with the Redskins

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    Originally posted by Jrhampton
    Does that mean that less people liked TD than CP. I think not TD was loved by everyone that did not have to play agaisnt him. He was far from ostentatious.

    Simple mile hi salute and flip of the ball to the ref and he was reloading for the next run.

    If you had an option both at there prime who would it be TD or CP?
    Read the rest of the thread. Don't get me wrong. I'm staying unbiased. I like the humble guys but the flashy guys are fun to watch as well. I'm just simply stating that people like both so there isn't any point in bashing the showboaters. They make the game fun for people who like to be entertained in that manner. Remember, not everyone likes to see the same thing as you so you can't fault them.
    The new website is about as ugly as Paris Hilton. Put the blue back!