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    No doubt T.D. IS THE MAN!!!!!

    Look at this guy!!! He is kicking some asses!!!

    |||||Broncos Rulez|||||


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      The one and only TD. I wish he were still playing, but I love the way RD is running! I hope to love RD the way I love TD one day!


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        You forgot Rob Lytle


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          Originally posted by theshiverman
          1. TD
          2. Floyd Little
          3. Sammy Winder
          4. Clinton Portis
          5. Mike Anderson

          Floyd and Sammy didnt have this offensive line and blocking scheme to run behind and still got it done.
          I would have to agree but put CP at #5. Floys Little & Sammy Winder would have been nasty with the O line we have now!!!

          L.Tayler - M. Farr - L. Saban - R. Jackson - F. Little
          C. Gilchrist - G. Mingo - A. Haynes - G. Gonsoulin - J. Turner - W. McDaniel


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            TD all the way!


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              UNBELIEVABLE !!!

              Obviously Davis is best of all time.

              But looking at some of these ranking lists I just about tip over in my chair.

              SAMMY WINDER???? ...Pull .....Your...Head....OUT !!!

              That guy was miserable....and in no way shape or form should he be listed above Clinton Portis especially !...Winder had no where near the physical ability of Portis. That is just unacceptable stupidity...go sit in a corner and take a time out.

              You know that saying "John Elway's stats suffered all those years because of a lack of a running game"

              sound familiar? ...yeah, well, the name of that Lack of Running game is "Sammy Winder"


              Gaston Green was the fastest Running back with a 4.25 40 .....unfortunately Reeves thinks small fast guys are used up the middle instead of sweeps. ...uuhm..sort of like Shanahan continuing to force Q up the doesnt work, and production fails because of it.

              Bobby Humphrey was far superior to Winder.....Humphrey was often compared to a young marcus allen...nealy identical running style...only Humphery was slower. ......he did have back to back 1000 yard seasons.

              Tony Dorsett was better than Winder...only ...Reeves used him sparingly so he didnt surpass 750 yards or another several hundred thousand dollers in incentives would have had to been paid out.

              Sewell, Willhite, and Reggie Rivers.....yup...all SUPERIOR to Sammy Winder.

              Mike Anderson....VASTLY superior to Sammy Winder

              Anderson put together numerous 100 yard games, as well as a 250+ game.

              Winder...Rarely broke 100

              Sewell, Willhite, and Humphrey had significantly higher yards per carry than winder....behind the same O-line.

              The Broncos have had aot of Outstanding RB's

              Winder shouldnt even be making the top 8 or 10

              pffft !
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                I'd have to go with TD as well. It is important to remember I think that he was the one that proved "The System" that we've relied on for nearly ten years. It is a phenomenal system, and the backs haven't been too shabby, but had TD not stepped up and made it work, and proven it's effectiveness things wouldn't be as they are now with the whole "Plug a (good) Back" for 100+ yards a game. TD built the foundation for every back that has followed, and is IMO directly responsible for the success of those so lucky as to follow in his footsteps. They are all talented, but Shanahan can say "This is what you are going to do", and it is going to work because TD laid the ground rules, all they have to do is follow them to 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, however many yards

                Much respect however to EVERY back that has run since TD, and none deserve to be sold short based on TD or the system, I just feel he is the one that created all we have now.


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                  bobby humphrey was only good for a couple years and faded quick id have to say floyd little or TD
                  The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
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                    not to mention sammy winder and greald whilhite or even steve sewelll used to frustrate the hell out of me
                    The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
                    While he sits by his hearth at home.
                    Quickly finds when questioned by others .
                    That he knows nothing at all.


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                      Only Floyd Little is in TD's league.

                      Who is the only back to gain 2k yards in one year?

                      Broncos forever!! :clap:

                      Me and my daughter, Christmas eve 2006

                      My wife and my daughter, same game against the Bengals.



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                        ofcourse it is TD, could you image what kind of records this boy would be breaking if he was still running for us?