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Who do you think will be in the superbowl this year?

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    Re: Jav

    Originally posted by Black59Razor
    I don't know who it WILL be, I just know it won't be the Dolts....

    No team with a D that bad can make it...they are just like the Chiefs...
    I haven't double checked the actual stats but didn't the Rams' Super Bowl winning team have a pretty horrible defense as well?

    Damn, gotta run.
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      To be completely unbias:

      In the AFC it depends on who has home field for the championship game: It will definately be Denver or NE thou. The Jets are good but not good enough considering they face NY twice. Denvber's chances at home in the championship game are unbelievable and after last years imbarassment at the hands of Indy they will be fired up come play off time. If we have to go to NE to play than it will be a REALLY tough game and hard to call.

      On the Super Bowl losing side (the NFC) it will be the Eagles. While DC is having a great year in Minn he still is not a QB that can railly his team in the clutch. And Philly proved last year that if they had a WR that would actually catch the ball they were the real deal. They have it now in TO.

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        I know they might be longshots to go far, but the steelers and the giants are playing decent ball. If anyone out of the nfc conference has a chance of beating philly, it could go between the giants, falcons and minnesota. I would add the seahawks, but they gotta get over that road hump, and start winning more road games to truly contend.

        Steelers could be scary if they make the playoffs, i don't know if they can hang with the patties, but they're more than capable to cause some fits if they make the playoffs. Another team i could add, would be the texans, they're 3-3, but if they keep it up, after beating tennessee who was heavily favored last week, they will be a team to reckon with come playoff time.


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          Atlanta Falcons,look at the bottom of my sig