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Tim Tebow Part 4 (Merged)

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  • Ritchie and all the haters made thief bed all ready. They won't change their stance unless Tebow wins a SB


    • Originally posted by Portia11 View Post
      More than 6 losses to get Orton pulled. Quinn has had all the back up reps-he'll go in next. You'll have to do another poll when that happens (Quinn goes in) asking how many games Quinn gets before Fox puts Orton back in.
      I can't really argue that Quinn wouldn't be next, but what I want to know is this: Do any of you think Fox would be more willing to use those Red Zone plays he supposedly has with Tebow's name on them if it's Quinn playing QB and not Orton? I tend to think he would be, but I can't really explain why.

      I agree with the second poster, you don't necessarily have to start Tebow, but for the love of God, try to take advantage of his freakin' talent, PLEASE.
      All it takes to win is doing whatever it takes to win: COMMITMENT


      • There's no doubt in my mind that QB3 is the 3rd sting QB, but 4th? That's a bit much.


        • Originally posted by KansasKrista View Post
          So easy for these guys to spout this stuff when they are not actual fans of the team. They don't give a flip if Denver wins... and I can tell you they are not believing their own words, either....


          The end.
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          • Maybe they will demote him to water boy ? Who knows? He should be able to handle that ?


            • Originally posted by phaytal View Post
              This is new and interesting.
              Not that I really care about your opinion but, this is exactly why I don't start new threads because of snarky comments like this.

              I thought it was interesting.. because a ESPN commentator actually said Tebow was a 4th string QB... it was hilarious and I shared it.

              I wish people were a little nicer to each other on these forums.. it doesn't make a poster look cooler to be rude.
              Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore


              • Originally posted by jetdrumz View Post
                Don't they have anything better to talk about at this point?
                Exactly. During the preseason when there's nothing going on I can see why they'd talk about this. But during the real season when there are real games being played, it seems incredibly pointless to constantly be bringing up the backup quarterback on an irrelevant team.